Asking for a friend

I am! Honest!

A co-worker, who I share some of my kwad adventures with, asked me about getting a set-up for her son(s) and wanted to go with a cheap FPV kit to see if they like it. I had a few ideas but wanted to ask the community here what would be a FPV starter kit that could be upgraded with silverware or simular if they take to the hobby?

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SantaWhoop ! + Jumper + random FPV goggle and he gonna love it and will access all the features of this awesome firmware #NFE 4 president !

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Eachine E011 or JJRC H67, some 600TVL cam and Eachine ROTG01 video receiver (or similar UVC OTG receiver - uses smartphone to display video feed), and put that phone into a cheapo VR-goggle. All that available for 13$ +15$ + 25$ + 9$ = around 60 bucks. Silverizeable!

If you choose ‘flying santa’ get rid of that speaker immediately, that ‘jingle bells’ is hazardous! (and a ton of dead weight). And a side note: i’ve spent hundreds on tiny whoops only to find flying santa silverized is my favourite. Even if you manage to kill it - 13 bucks and you’re good to go! Battery included.


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How is the latency with the UVC display?
I thought about trying this but figured it would be too high.

@SinisterLefty I wanted a similar setup, so here’s what I ended up with. Only thing I want to call out is that the e011 board must be the old style, which is a gamble. That means the e011C (SantaWhoop) is the best option to ensure you can flash it, but like others said, you’ll want to get rid of the speaker!

That’ll get them up and running to see if they like it! :sunglasses:

The transmitter was the first thing I decided to upgrade, so this is what I got:

This $17 ROTG01 5.8G Receiver is what I plan to order next, so I can use my phone, tablet, or PC as a DVR. Fingers crossed it works well.

I also need to upgrade my charger, but am still researching the best option for me. Make sure they learn how to use batteries safely!

I’m seriously loving this set up!! Hopefully the boy(s) are patient enough to deal with random technical issues that pop up. Even something as simple as hair getting caught up in the props will ground you, and stress out motors, I imagine.

Hope that helps!

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Couldn’t complain about latency @jacques. Yes, this cheapo thingi is no comparism for high-price-goggles, but nevertheless - i always have the idea im absolutely good with it. i can fly tiny whoops between table and its chairs or between the wall and the vertical stovepipe. to speak in numbers i estimate(!) overall latency in the range of 200 to 300 msec - don’t forget the camera. i think i do see a difference in the latency when i use the original E010C camera or the Gotoqomo G131 with its OSD. I like the ROTG01 so much i bought the ROTG02 (not just dual antenna - it’s dual receiver = true diversity)

Edit: Update.
Found such an easy way to show (some degree at least) numbers for latency.
(running stopwatch method - shutter speed of recording device = 1/1500s)

ROTG01 65msec // ROTG02 130msec

(crazy low numbers for these cheap devices! :open_mouth:)
FPVCam used is a cheap AKK A5 5.8Ghz 40CH 25mW FPV Transmitter 600TVL CMOS.


My recent addition to show your videos is from a ROGT02

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Awesome! Thanks!!

I buyed the jjrc h67 is that flashable?

It should be.

An option I have handy is a ROTG01 receiver ($12) w/antenna and a cheap pair of VR goggles. It connects to smartphone and it becomes an good FPV unit when placed inside the VR goggles. I found the goggles for $7 on an endcap at WalMart but they’re easy to find for $15. Mount a $12-$17 camera on a E011c or BoldClash Pro ($15) and you’re in business. Total around $50 max. You need your own phone of course. Works great for whooping in and around the house.