Are these lipos puffed?

Are these lipos starting to puff? I’ve run them about 22 times.

It’s hard to say based on a picture (if the battery isn’t puffed that badly). Try to push down on the battery. Is it completely solid? Or do you feel like an “air bubble” is trapped in the battery? If you feel one it’s puffed.

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If I push on the top and bottom it is fine. The sides have that flap thing that makes it hard to tell.

Yeah the flap thing is normal. If the top and bottom of the battery is hard, your batteries are fine :smile:

The top and bottom will be literally puffed up and squish easily when you squeeze them if they’re puffed. It’s not subtle, if you can’t tell then they aren’t puffed :smiley:
Eventually you’ll kill one, and it’ll be obvious.

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I just checked the voltage on my lipos and realized that my taranis voltage telemetry was off by 0.2V. I was stopping flying at 3.8V.

With the offset I get like 2 min flight time now lol!