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Are the GNB 300mAh batteries any good?


As I live in Malaysia, shipping batteries directly to me isn’t an option, apart from a very small selection of exceptions. Unfortunately, most of these are unbranded rubbish. That said, I have found a source for some GNB 1S 300mAh HV Lipos at an extremely reasonable price ($3.64/battery shipped). I’ve heard some good things about Gaoneng but I’m not sure about the size/weight for a 716 whoop. Would they be a bit big? I have some old mylipo 255 HVs, how do these stack up? If you have tried these, I’d love to hear how you like them.


I have no experience with these batteries, but I’d say 300 is a bit much for 716. I guess it depends on what you want to do, for hardcore acro freestyle I prefer the lighter ones, 205, 230. But if you are into cruising and just general flying around, you might get away with 300 and enjoy the extra flight time in exchange for some less punch. I’ve used some GNB 2s in the past and they were really good. I recently ordered some 1s 250 HV and I hope they perform as good.


I use BetaFPV 300/1s HV on 0716 and they are fine. They weigh 7.5g (craft with no battery is 26g), so if the GNB ones are similar weight I’d say they’d be OK. I have used GNB 350/3s elsewhere and they are pretty good.