Anything better than fx798t all in one cam/vtx?

Been a while since I built my whoop and was curious if there’s a better camera on the market that maybe sports better range and more video lines? Wish I had a tiny bit more reach and some additional clarity for seeing those pesky winter time tree branches. :slight_smile:

It will be hard to find something with better video quality AND better range I think, without some form of diy. I personally think the fx798t still has the best video quality I have seen, and I like to combine the camera with a 200mw vtx03 on my brushless setups. I think (hope) the fx805osd has similar quality but it’s still 25mw. Have one coming on the slow boat.
I also haven’t tried that new Runcam, what’s it called, nano? The smallest one. Maybe still bit heavy for a whoop. Following this… I’ve been disappointed with most of the smaller a size AIO that we’ve seen this year. They are light and work, video quality is acceptable but not as nice as the good old fx798t or quanum elite. Those were also twice the price of the standard AIO that is the norm now.

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So whats the big difference between the fx798t and the Eachine E010C E010S Spare Parts AIO 5.8G 40CH 25MW VTX 800TVL 1/3 Cmos FPV Camera, thanks

I’m with @JBFPV on this. The fx798t cam quality is still the best tiny cmos one I’ve tried. I have lots without the vtx part that I can sling on any micro and connect a vtx03 to, even fitted plugs to some to make connection easier. As to why it’s better, the sensor quality probably has most to do with it. It was always the expensive choice but always noticeably better.

Low light performance on the fx is much better and it just looks better in general. Maybe it’s personal but I think fx798t has nicer colors, and gives more of a bloom effect to lights which I like. I’ll try to find a video for comparison.

This is with ef-02:

Fx798t daytime:

Fx798t in the dark with lights:

Unfortunately I don’t have dark footage of the ef-02

Ok i looked at all three videos, im sorry can not tell any difference in video quality, to my untrained eye , the first video seems like the pic quality of colors and clarity is better, but i might also be bias, all i fly is the ef02, and the tx03 ,
The question in quality is it 600 tvl to 800tvl , and 1/3 cmos and as for the output 25 to 200mw is big diffrence i see but in the house my 25 works better then my 200 , now can i getter better anntenas for googles and if so will that help,…
Heres ef02 at night

Do you have the camera side pin outs in order to do just what you did? I have a good 798 camera - bad vtx

Yup, from top to bottom, vid, GND, 5V. If you snip the pins close to the vtx side then you can use a plug of suitable pins spacing to connect.

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