Anyone selling a scisky in Germany?

Ok. I’m not really and expert when it comes to those electronics and components. @las isn’t called Dr. Scisky without reasons. I’m just a user with some (very) basic understanding of that stuff.

Sounds like a damaged fet. But why? S3 solder joints seem not to be bridged on the upper side. Don’t know how the underside looks.
What is that white stuff in between S3 + and - ?
But bare wires of motors are very long. In a crash it’s possible that they get contact to each other or the solder joints and produce a short.
Did you fly it yesterday after the bypass surgery? If yes, did it work properly?
If those wires produced a short and damaged the fet normally this would be recognisable immediately. But if contact was really short, maybe the fet didn’t get damaged completely but died today.
Just my theory, not sure if this makes sense.

Your picture isn’t that good to zoom in and see details.
Fet on S1 have a blob/bubble on top, maybe glue residues. But no problem with that motor, right?

What about fet on S3? Does it looks burned? Bubbles or blisters visible? Smell?

Did your FC getting contact with the CFK frame? CFK is conductive.

Do your self a favour and use motorsockets and plugs in the future.

Hello…thanks for the reply.
After the surgery yesterday…late at 2:00am I just tested the motor with tx and it was ok. Today I wanted to complete everything and wrap up and was resoldering all the motors and for s3 solder was linking both borns and I tried to seperate it by removing solder…that is why it is white in the middle…underneath also I made it seperated and when I put the lipo I heard like a contact sound…the blob on the chip is residual hot glue. Since graphite conduct electricity I have seperated it from the sp with a white transparent plastic when yesterday was bulding up…as it is a new frame…printed elite bomber broke. Currently if I plug to cleanflight all is ok…put the lipo and test with tx…only 3 other motors reponse to throttle but s3 stays spinning at a low rev. Tried the motor directly with lipo it is ok.

Where can I get quickly another scisky? Anyone selling one? I already ordered one from BG last week since I need to build another one but not b4 4 weeks I will get it…

Plugs were in the plan…but I do not have any crimping tool…althought I have the plugs…

@Bruneau44 I solder those to the motor wires:

I wanted a clean build…but I have these as well…anyway I need a new scisky now :frowning:

Or a FET replacement. At least one is burned.

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Yes the B12N, but do not know where to order that :frowning:

Look at this thread Blown FET? on Scisky board. Need help ID'ing

German source linked by @las in above mentioned thread:

Thanks a lot…just ordered from conrad…by chance may be I will get it on Saturday for the long weekend…can you post me 4 ? :slight_smile:

if you’re still interested. I’ve bought a bit too much of them (scisky boards) and willing to sell at BG price without shipping though. would have to check the rates from belgium to germany. Can’t be too much…

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Please let me know how much will it cost and can you dispatch today?

I sent you a private message

Scisky is available in EU warehouse.

Thanks…only after I recieved from BG China :slight_smile: would be good for the futur !
Which Camera and vtx are you using? since mine is a bit too dark…
and Polulu S7V8F3

I think a did a mistake to power VTX and Kamera with the polulu, I guess only the VTX should be powered from the polulu…
Please let me know about your thoughts/experience :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

Your S7V8F3 is a 3.3v vreg. Better to use a 5v one like S7V8F5.
I’m using the same vtx (758-2) which works really good at 5v. Others use it with a adjustable vreg S7V8A tuned to 4.x volts.

The Cam isn’t the best when used in low light, but for the money it’s ok.
And if you power your rig with 5v instead of 3.3 I think you’ll get better picture maybe and more range.

I also have the fattie jr. Which is better, but also heavier.
And some mc900 which are 4times more expensive and only 90degree.
One of my favorite all in one solution right now is the quanum elite combo. You can get it for around 35€. Works pretty good and I really like the image quality and range.
There are also clones of this out there. The most interesting right now is the following, 'cause the antenna is flexible and easy to replace or reposition able.

You didn’t make a mistake to power both (cam + vtx) from the vreg. That’s how it works.
Here’s a not so elaborated diagram how I wire up my stuff.

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Thanks for the advice…the issue with quanum elite is the antenna stem…I already broke one :frowning: for that price they should have given something more robust…will try to change the polulu then .

Ah, bummer, I remember your thread
Did you manage to repair it?

Yes…ordered mosfett and it worked…today with betaflight and cleanflight both naze32 rev5 and scisky could not boot…naze32 is solved…now I need to do the same for scisky…thanks there is thunderstorm…else I would get mad!!!grounded for a silly bootloader issue!

Board back operational :smile: saw you got the same issue some time ago…

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