Anyone seen this 2s tiny whoop?

#1 this things insane is this going to be the new template for tiny whoop builds


As both the BeeCore and BeeBrain are only rated for 1S, I don’t think it will be a long term build. My guess is that the board will burn out after a couple of big punch outs.


Oh man, I got beat to the first 2s whoop! I got this fc but haven’t had time to build lately. It’s not the best fitting fc for the whoop but does fit.

Broken link


With some creative circuit board hackery you could expose only the motors to 2s and the rest to 1s or regulated 5v.
You’d have to cut the original motor +v traces and wire them to 2s directly, then wire a small regulator (ideally switching/buck, but whether the increased efficiency would offset the weight I don’t know) to power everything else on the board.
How easy or hard this would be depends on the PCB layout. On the E010 FC it would be pretty straightforward.
This does assume that the FETs are rated for enough voltage, of course. If not you’d have to replace them too.

The key is that the (admittedly very few) boards I’ve looked at so far so their motor control on the - side of the motors with N channel MOSFETs. Boards to switch positive instead and use P channel MOSFETs can’t do what I listed above. Not without more surgery.


I got this in my mailbox the other day
Dont know if it works yet, anyone with experience of this board?
Not sure what 6mm motors to use for 2s, im going to use it for my 8520 7.4v motors from Banggood.
Would be cool to test with 6 or 7mm motors though, any thoughts?


I explored 2s brushed for a while and gave up on it with 8.5mm motors. I tried them all including some “prototypes” from chaoli that I was helping a vendor test. Never found a set that my flying style wouldn’t burn out in day 1. If you go for it … only use 2 blade props and find the slowest motors you can. Like 12000 kv or less, not sure how low you can find the rating. I tested 8.5mm down to about 7000 kv and still killed them on a handful of full throttle flights. Speed and punch was insane though. I don’t regret the time spent. Keep us posted. Maybe 6mm is a better candidate for 2s.


I loved my Eachine fb90 builds. Those were fun! But I smashed the board to smithereens…


This is my current 2s brushed with about 5-6 batteries used. Still good but motors come down very hot with these props and flight time is quite short, though its lacking a good tune and needs a capacitor to take the interference away from the fpv feed.
The punch and speed is insane for a brushed like you experienced @NotFastEnuf.

Would be awesome if the chief scientist would present a 2s 6 or 7mm motor. Maybe the medium motors from MMW can handle it? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


Very nice build! Canopy on x100 is one of my favorites! I can say that I have been able to over prop 6mm builds and heat up motors burning hot on 1s and have had them last longer than the 8.5’s did on 2s with what seemed like similar temps. Maybe 6mm can take more abuse. Maybe I should pull a spec sheet on the vreg and mosfets of my favorite whoop fc and see if it can handle 8 volts to join these tests - for science.


Many thanks, i really like that frame to! :blush:
Thats interesting. I have not yet had enough flight time with my 8,5mm motors to burn one or get to the end of its lifespan.
Im planing to order some 11000kv (medium) motors from MMW and run on 2s for science, though they claim to use 19000kv in the YT video but those cant possibly last very long imo.
Would be awesome if you do try that, i will keep you updated on my findings.


That seems reasonable. Puts you at a 1s equivalent of 22000kv which is a good clip up from 19600kv. I hope it works and the increase in thrust is enough to compensate for carrying the extra cell.


So i couldnt resist putting my 2s whoop board in my tiny 6 frame with my NBD gold motors at 19700kv.
These motors are pretty worn out and have been lasting a very long time and i was about to change these anyway.
The sound it made was pretty sick and it flew very well for about 30sec then it started landing on its own… :thinking::rofl:
The motors was burning hot and there is no way this could work with this motors at 145000rpm. They would probably start glowing if i used a fresh set and hit full throttle.
I used 2x 250mAh GnB batteries, 2 blade E010s props and a velcro strap for the batteries. I also tried 3 blade KK.
Weight without batteries is 20g.
Will have to wait for my 11000kv motors to make further tests.


So, after getting my 11k kv motors from MMW i continued my testing of the 2s Whoop.
My conclusion so far is 6 mm motors cant handle 7v+. They just get burning hot after about 1min flight, and the power is not really there with the low KV motors to compensate for the extra weight.

When i have the time, i will try shaving off the extra 3-5 grams of the FPV rig and use 150mAh batteries to se what power i can get with 4 bladed props. Just for sience and to be sure that its not a weight related issue.


I’ve done it with 2 drones now both successfull e011 & h67 fc’s 8520 motors on a king Kong q100 frame both running 2s they’re absolute rockets the e011 I’ve really abused it and still performing like a champ the h67 is recently built im using a 5v regulator for the fpv. Both fc’s don’t even get warm and the motors get about as hot as beta fpv 716/720 motors on 1s


Is it the 8520 2s motors or just low kv 1s ones?
I have a FC that can handle 2s with my 8520 2s motors from BG, works pretty good.
Is the H67 running the same motors as E011?
Didnt work as good for 6mm motors sadly, way to much heat…


They may well be low kv but there’s no spec sheet for them and yes both h67 & e011 run 716 60000 rpm motors they’re identical drones the fc is the same too just on a different layout


Would you mind posting a picture and/or parts list? So you just hook up 2s lipo power to the flight controller and run your fpv off a voltage regulator? @Kris


I was running some low kv 8mm motors from usmile that were rated for 2s and actually worked great and stayed cool but I ended up bending one and now they stopped selling them😥


I use jxd515 as the platform for my 2s brushed mod. FC is B-03. Dual power sources from balanced plug, 1s for FC, 2s for four M+. About 20 flights still all good.

To protect NMOS, one flyback diode is suggested between M- and M+.

The stock 8520/7.4v motors and props are nice and durable. I also bought different kinds of 8520/7.4v and are going to do more tests.