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Anyone else uses long battery?


I found one of my friends really likes Tattu 450mAh 3S long battery for his blade torrent 110.
Anyone else use it?


I have the normal short thicker one from Tattu, and it’s great. The long one was too long for my micro frame though I guess it could’ve hung off the front and back.


Not so sure.


I have the 3s tattu lipstick 450’s and I love them! I actually buy mostly tattu these days because their batteries rock! I have several other brand’s batteries, and most of them just plain suck eggs… They start off ok, but they drop off quickly after a point. These tattu’s have been rocking for months now with no issues. Hundreds of balance charge/ storage charge cycles on them with no noticeable fade whatsoever! Plus, I like their logo, lol!

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Everyone likes more clyles of batteries.