Anyone else ever have a motor break like this?


Not sure how I managed to crash hard enough to do this. Made me reconsider my choice of using a frame without prop guards! Good thing these motors are practically disposable!


@Bobnova is the only one I’ve ever seen pull that off


Yup, thus did one of my mmw 0716 motors die. In a whoop frame no less!
I was very confused when I tried to the prop back on.


@Bobnova wow that is really strange. I didn’t think breaking a prop could happen in a frame like that let alone a motor.


Yeah me neither, I’d broken a couple props, but mostly just bent them a little.
I powerlooped into a bicycle crank/chain in this case, and that was that.


I did manage to do this to my Racerstar 0703 15000kv motor two weeks ago. 1mm shaft…
Was a bit cold outside thought, but i was very suprised :hushed:


Yep did the same-thing over the weekend on my Picnic-quads NanoQX folding frame 7mm motors. Same exact break and I also broke two motor mounts!!! I did not think this was possible with brushed, but there ya go.(If I can I will post a pic.) Must say the brushed micros are pretty damn tough, and can fly anywhere. Long live The Brushed Brigade!!!