Any way to salvage cam?

I had a crash, and my battery shot forward, and snapped the tab the fpv antenna. Any ideas how to salvage this?

It was a brand new camera… :sob:

deepest sympathies :open_mouth:

But on the other hand: soldering broken pcbs in this specific area is possible most of the time.
I’d say, glue the broken peace back on, reconnect the copper areas by first scraping off the solder resist and resoldering them. Pretty sure, reanimation will work.

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Thanks, I’ll try it.

So if you do, just a tiny advice: The outer ‘pads’ can be soldered with pretty much solder on them to help strengthening the repair mechanically. The inner one should not have globs of solder on it and in particular - no spikes!


This is a strange comparison to your board but could help if you’ve got time to mess with it.

But because this is in the antenna section your soldering needs to be small, thin and super clean.

I have several TX01’s TXo3’s that I have broke and would like to one day repair but I don’t have time I just replaced them but i don’t have the heart to throw them out. I have kept them just in case. Read through this short article. IT MAY GIVE YOU SOME HELPFUL ADVICE OR IDEAS.

Thanks. The traces were too small, and just lifted off with my hi temp solder, but thanks for the suggestion.

That doesn’t sound like you’d fixed it. Loved to say ‘put it in an evleope n send it - see what i could do’…

Well, frustrating but a learning experience. I have been so devastated because of this hobby but I always look at the positive side of things. "I learned a lot along the way.“
I recently lost my favorite speed demon 2” quad into a rice paddy. NO RECOVERY, GONE.
All the best parts I could find, I flew it for a few months, got really attached and then it lost signal over a factory that makes welding equipment.

how many mw is your vtx and what kind of antennas are you using?