Any place still selling Eachine E011 frames?

I keep hearing that these frames from the Santa whoop are the best available for 716 motors. There are some listings on Ali etc, but i hear that they are actually sending BetaFPV frames.

Anyone got stock of them precious E011 frames?

I spent some time last week trying to find some original E011/C frames. I tried AliExpress but seemed quite expensive. Banggood have them under the search E011C. BetaFPV frames for 716 motors seem ok, V4 Same weight as E011 but I’m not sure of durability. I contemplated these but I need the original shaped battery compartment as I use full size batts not stick shaped

Hi, I have been looking for some frames for my sons e011 fc nfe based quad as well.
The ony frames that fit the e011 fc as far as i know are :

  • beta 65s v1 (last I looked benedikt still has 2 for sale)
  • E011/E011c frames
  • Jjrc h67 frame (the same as E011)

E011/E011c have been out of stock for some time , I have ordered a few h67 frames from gearbest in January. They still show as in stock but the expected delivery date gets moved forward by a week each week :slight_smile:

So if anyone has some suggestions those are welcome, otherwise I will probably cancel the orders and build 2 more alienwhoop zeros and use the betafpv 65s v4 frames which are awesome. Very durable and a bit stiffer than e011. Only problem is that they only fit the inductrix style fc’s and not the mounting holes of the e011 fc

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@Edwin You ordered back in January and still haven’t shipped? I ordered these too in January but cancelled soon after as GB are awful now

I have bunch of v4 and they are OK for gumstick batteries and diamond shaped boards. Durability is OK but I have a feeling that some new batches I have, breaks more easily than older (although plastic looks and feels the same). B03/E011 type of board can’t be set on them unless some heavy modding is done…
E011/E011C are not good for diamond shaped boards - but that type of board can be put there if you cut part for back screw… I have one build with B03pro frame (same shape as E011) and betafpv lite board, but it is currently in a gutter… :frowning:

Wow, I checked this morning before replying here and Gearbest showed in stock and shipping time april 24th, now looking back to the same page it shows out of stock. Agreed Gearbest now just seems like a collection of unreliable small shops like aliexpress.

Looks like the e011 fc’s will go into a whoover and the boys will get a zero in a 65s frame once I find the time to solder the remaining 0402 caps and resistors.

I have the BetaFPV V4 on my Beta65s Lite, and i bought another one too for my lowrider build. Honestly i have no issues with it, it has taken quite a few hits and seems quite durable.

But talking to a Japanese whooper here, he has tried all sorts of frames, and says the E011 have the most stability, and great durability.
He also said he bought a pack of 16 from AliExpress, and received BetaFPV v2 frames :-/

We need a Brushed version frame of this new one its still a 65mm whoop but with 35mm props ! imagine it on 716s

Direct link :

Also a frame like this im pretty sure i could carry a baby whoop hd cam or at least a decent runcam dvr


I think that has a custom sized FC though… I wonder if an Alien Whoop zero would fit in there?
Is it possible that converting that to brushed would be as easy as drilling out a 8-9mm hole through the center of the brushless motor mounts, and then hotgluing some motor cups cut out from a broken brushed frame?

Right here gentleman the MMW bazar, y’all are looking to far from home.

It was out of stock last time I looked at it… Now looks like is is again available! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was going to order a bunch to offset the 15$ shipping cost but upon checkout there where only 2pcs left. But they are an awesome deal for anyone more local or to throw in with a larger order.

Is that the Eachine frame though? How does that fly in comparison with the Eachine one

I found two white E011 frames here locally (Japan) for about $3.50 each, but that comes with props and foam battery adapters for stick type batteries. Postage was $8 though (ouch). Should be interesting to see how they go. My friend here tells me they arent as flexible as the black E011 frames, and hence will crack easier

I rocked 2 original white e011 frames for close to 18 months. The ducts bent easily but boil and let em cool and ur good to go. I have a 6mm black frame from propel that’s been around for 2 years but only a portion of that time is actual use and abuse. Ducts definitely seem stronger on black frames.

The white ones weigh 0.1gr less. Every little helps!

I’ve given up trying to find them at a sensible price, like unobtanium.

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Woot lighter! And also white with blue props looks pretty cool (ok I’m a little superficial). And it sounds like while maybe not quite as strong as the black ones, they aren’t brittle like the original E010 frames.

Still, that postage was painful (I’m so used to posting for free from China haha). I was going to order a bunch more stuff to justify that cost, but got a little nervous since they only had 2 in stock

Ok well they arrived, the blue props that came with them were for 1mm motor shafts, so no use to me yet (until my Mob6 arrives). Also, while i was waiting, i checked on Banggood again, and saw they had one black E011 frame in stock. So i ordered that too, since i was eyeing a DVR module there.

Indeed they are way more flexible than i thought - maybe moreso than the BetaFPV frames. Required a bit of cutting to make the diamond shape FC fit, but for some reason i am having some really weird issues with throttle on these frames. Will make a new post for it

Did you put any dampening between board and frame? Any sponge or something? These plastic frames transfers lot of vibrations to the board if there are no any protection like, for example, usage of rubber grommets with diamond shaped board and standard whoop frames… Maybe vibrations can produce these throttle problems…

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Yeah i had the dampers in there. The fact it was fixed when i tried it today makes me wonder if the dampers softened or molded better around the frame overnight.There is only 3 mounts i can use with these frames (obviously), and i needed to do some cutting but i am glad iwas able to find a few before they all disappear.