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Any ideas to reduce jello shots



It’s an old bird, but the motors are fairly new but on the low end of quality. I’ve got about 8 flights with the motors now, but even when new, the vibrations from them caused jello with the footage. The FPV camera does not have any that I can sense. The semi HD camera is an Matecam 808 de-cased.

I thought that the motors needed breaking in, but so far nothing is improving.

Here is a film before the motor change, in high winds. Slight jello.

Here is a vid from last week, with the new motors, 8 flights. No wind.

I’m suspecting motors. Props are new and undamaged. Hubsan Clear Red.

I like to fly this around indoors in the factory I work. I flew the new motors (first flight) and it was just as bad.

If there are any ideas for vibration isolation for the lens, I’ll love to hear them. Thanks for any help





Looks like you’ve got your hd cam hot glued down. Jello is tricky business. Try flying at dawn/dusk. This forces the aperture open more to let in more light and motion blur replaces jello. That can help. Maybe melt some rubber fishing worms down to make a silicone anti vibration pad for that camera to sit on… then use a tiny zip tie to secure it and get a little compressive pressure on the silicone pad. That has worked for me in the past.

Visually inspect your props to make sure they spin true and you don’t have any bent motor shafts or bent props.

That’s all you can do other than change frames (not to say the frame is the problem)


Thanks. I did not check for bent shafts. Time to melt worms. I assume how is on the web somewhere. Keen eye on the hot glue. I used a crashed camera to mold the angle, which is set for slow flight. I imagine I can do the same with worms.


On my larger quads, I’ve had jello in the FPV cam from a loose lens internal to the lens that you screw on. The screw on lens is actually a stack of lenses, and one of those was loose. The solution was to replace the entire lens assembly. Do you have another Matecam 808 to borrow the lens from?


@oneblueyedog Wow the video quality so good can you share where you bought it, many thanks


Or at least get a piece of silicon cookie sheet underneath the HD camera. I used to hard mount an HD camera to my brushed craft, it has the shakes like crazy. Added a few piexesof silicon cookie sheet underneath it and many of those bad vibes went away.

Heating up worms and making a mold sounds like the best option tho. Would make an ultra smooth padding for the HD cam From what I’ve heard hearing up the worms smells bad, so be careful of which microwave u do it in or what room u do it in.


It’s been tested as kind of over rez but I’m enjoying it.



I did not think of creating a mold. Nice.


I will try one since I stocked up on them. The ribbons are tender. They take a month to get here from China.


I tried something that I had around at the office, earplugs and heavy duty mount tape. Cut up the plugs and the tape cut into disks with a brass tube. Got a three minute flight of vibes. Check out the flag. Not smooth.! And it’s a new frame with motors.
Getting out the tackle box.




Maybe I’ll balance the props.


That didn’t look like jello to me. A small vibration yes but not full on jello. Those tiny hd cams are notorious for that though. See if you can find a neutral density filter and cut it down to fit over your lens. I think your issue is more in the camera than your rig. If you can give it some sunglasses and force the digital aperture open more … the small differences that are recording as sharply defined vibration should melt away into a more natural motion blur (for lack of a better way of describing it)


Great thinking. I think all of the lights are Halogen too.


Maybe additionally try parrot props, they run at lower RPMs (at same thrust) and thus are more efficient.
Furthermore, parrot props (and probably their “clones”) are usually well balanced. Balancing micro quadcopter props is an absolute no go for me, too much work.


I will check closely for damage again. These are factory parrot props. I did whack it into a tree with a long fall to the street before I put the camera on. I have another set ready to use. Thank you.


I went back to hot gluing the lens of the Matecam camera to the nose under the FPV camera. Just to try it out with the young motors on this current frame, I changed over the props to Hubsan clear reds. I think the higher rpms that these props make to lift it gets rid of the vibes. I’m thinking the replacement lens I got a while back is not as good as the crashed original. But the lights here really fight it. I’ll hunt for a filter. I know that yaw practice is needed to combat blur.

I did try a Phantom 3 in this factory a while back, in a cleared area, LOS self level no GPS and it was not fun.

I think there is a true HD cam at this size but a bit heavier. This one is obviously not.