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Any experience with ZOP or Syma Lipos?


I need to buy a new high-capacity lipo for my googles since the old one can’t power both the ProDVR and the googles at the same time. I’ll have to DIY the plugs to PH 2.0 and (possibly) convert them to 1S2P, since I’m not sure if my EV800 and ProDVR can run off 7.4V.

I’ve found two decent options from Bangggood, but I don’t have experience with either of these vendors.

Does anyone here have any experience with ZOP or Syma lipo batteries? I read some mixed reviews about the ZOP, but no info on the Syma, and the ZOP I am looking at has some weird jumble of plugs.



Some zop are good, a lot of zop are terrible. I don’t know about that one.
Syma doesn’t make them, so it’s hard to say what inside there. Probably decent though.


Cool. Any recommendation for a good high capacity 2s lipo under $30?

I was thinking Turnigy or Gens Ace.

Also, if I rewire a 2S 1000mAh 30C lipo to a 1S 2000mAh lipo, will I get 30C of 2000mAh or only 15C of 2000mAh?


Turnigy or multistar. That’s what I’d go for, for price and quality. They work, and are at a good price poin. I just checked, and there are tons of ones, most under $20, for 5000mAh or below.


I never heard of multistar before. I’ll check them out now. Thanks.


60c of 2Ah actually. In parallel capacity and C stack, in series voltage stacks.
Be careful, though.


Oh wow that’s really nice!


TATTU 2500 2s just design for google, and just $18.99, but it is out of stock now

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