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Antenna wire length?


Hello all! I screwed up the end of my taranis antenna wire. I was wondering if there would be any range repercussions if I trimmed the antenna down and re stripped/solder it. Same with a axii I have. Can I shorten the wire for a whoop sized antenna without repercussions? Thanks.



This will help:


basically you can trim but have to maintain the exact length of the exposed part of the antenna. you can even trim this but have to use the correct division of the length (which you can look up).

For Vtx (5.8ghz) its similar but the lengths will be different from 2.4ghz

Depending on how much you need to trim you may reduce your range somewhat.



You can make the AXII cable as short as you like, ideally there should also be a proper length of termination on an antenna but I never noticed any difference myself. For the linear antennas, you can trim the active part to a fraction of its frequency’s wavelength. Just type in “2.4GHz wavelength” into a search engine and keep dividing that number by 2 until you get a length that works for you. Quarter wavelength is typically used for receivers, Taranis’ stock transmitter antenna is half wavelength if I am remembering correctly. You can use the same trick on 900(ish)MHz antennas, or linear 5.8GHz antennas. You can even tune for specific channel that way if you’re flying fixed frequency.