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Another clone


Banggood is coming out with ANOTHER cloned frame. Look at this: https://atmosphericadventures.com/atmospheric-designs/aeolus-mini-2-inch?cPath=34_35& ; and then this: https://m.banggood.com/Cyclops-100-105mm-Micro-Brushless-FPV-Racing-Frame-Kit-14_7g-p-1169245.html practically the same! :rage:


It does suck that the design or at least concept it copied. It also sucks that is costs $44 for atmospheric adventures to send this to me in New Zealand as the cheapest shipping option. I’ve noticed that some branded products are now selling on BG too - I think the “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach works well here.


Very true. It costs $30 to ship to Canada from them. :-/


I like the look of the 130mm version. Looks like a killer ultralight 3" option.


Now that the awakard clone conversation is out of the way I NEED that 130mm frame so my Arfun running gear can stretch it’s legs some more! Be interesting to see if the micro swift can be wedged in.


Yeah it was kinda awkward :joy::joy: I love frames with pods; I can’t find any micro frames that can fit a runcam micro stock. I’m sure more will pop up in a few weeks.


I’m thinking of transferring my babyhawk parts to the 105mm frame. It’s just a shame because I almost got my hawk running perfectly (very little vibrations). I just hate the plastic frame.


There aren’t many options yet but there are some. If you want to grab that chaser88 frame, I have a piece of red plastic I can make a canopy out of for a cmos cam for you. It’s a tight build though but doable. About 1.5mm between motor/esc and esc/fc on the arms. Requires the chaser88 motor spacers spare part to adapt for the emax bolt pattern. Those are a pretty useful part to make an emax motor go on any standard bolt pattern frame. They are intended to adapt for the racerstar 1103 but it is really close to the emax.


That would be awesome! I was going to buy the frame a few days ago, but they’re out of stock :expressionless: when they go back in stock I’ll contact you about the canopy!


I know they’ve been putting that chaser88 on sake a lot lately … hope they aren’t all gone for good. I better start looking for spares! !


So they’ve pulled the listing from their mobile site. Not a good sign especially since they sold out of the rtf at 73$. I found them on aliexpress and just ordered 3 so I have spares. Price was about the same so that should tide me over since I have 3 builds on this frame. Lol



Yay for a link! Any idea where I can find the adapters for the emax motors?


I’m looking for you now. Also recommended is a foam pad for the battery.

High Quality Eachine Chaser88 FPV Racer Spare Part Sponge Foam Pad For RC Toys Models
(from AliExpress Android)


So that’s the real bummer. Those were hard plastic pads with an adhesive back that adapted regular bolt pattern mounst to fit the racerstar 1103. The emax bolt pattern is only .1mm different so I think they would work great. Here is the last place I see those around and they certainly aren’t the 1.31$ that bg used to sell them for.

Alternatively I made my own by cutting down my babyhawk prop guards. If you still have those around then you have another option already in hand.


I actually have the prop guards! I think I’ll just buy the spacers though.


Any idea on how to mount a femto FC on the chaser 88?


The foam gyro tape they include is awesome at damping vibrations (important in a femto) but sticks poorly. I applied some 3m white foam vhb tape around the f3 processor on the bottom of the femto so as to build up a flat surface. Then I stuck the foam gyro tape to that. Then I applied another square of 3m vhb to the foam tape and stuck it all down. So vhb/foam tape/vhb sandwich.

In retrospect, I have since discovered double sided carpet tape at the home improvement store. It’s basically the strongest double sided adhesive I’ve ever handled. To keep the fc as low as possible in order to make more room for the camera in the canopy, I would skip that last layer of 3m vhb, and just add the carpet tape to the foam gyro tape so it sticks to the frame better. I’ve never called anything the “shizzle” before - but carpet tape definitely qualifies. Super thin and crazy rediculous strong.


I used to just use vhb, then I tested the properties of different tapes by sticking a femto to my Dremel, and then doing tethered logging while I varied the rpms. With vhb alone I was able to hit some resonant speeds that pissed off the gyro. With their foam gyro tape I had clean traces across anything my dremel could throw at it vibration wise. It was a fun experiment!


Cool! I bought a 3D printed mount for the femto. I’ll try that first, but if it doesn’t work well I’ll take your advice!