AMA Membership?


I just learned this yesterday when I got talking to the guys at BuddyRC on my visit there. Not sure if standard insurance has a policy for quad related injury/damage tho. (Can just see a Farmers Insurance commercial for this one.)

Agreed! I don’t have anyone to spot me outside of my wife and I fly to keep out of her hair.

Seriously tho, that could be something to petition for.

I was told that it might also include a max speed to separate the two memberships. The guy at BuddyRC said that they thought at one time of having races for smaller quads that would fall into the Park Pilot level.


Park pilot tops out at 60mph.
Not sure how they would check/test/etc that.


Good to know. I agree on the checking ability, I was told that the 3" brushless quad at the shop could beat that with the right set-up. Could be that way, look at what equipment is on it along with the battery being used as that would give an idea of the speed capability. Like having a racing engine in a wood panel station wagon is not going to convince a cop that you go the speed limit.


I belong because I fly fixed wing RC larger than park flyers. I belong to a great club. The field is secure and on some afternoons I’m the only soul out there. On my heavy stuff I put my FAA number on them. Just a tiny sliver of typing paper glued on. I get no flack from testing my quads out there and I actually was asked to re shoot a shorter version of a sortie I had programmed in a Phantom 3. The club spans from foamies to turbines. Quads are a minority as I’ve met only 4 that fly them. I think it is worth joining the AMA and then a club for the info exposure and peace of mind alone.

For 1s quads UAVs below the weight threshold of FAA requirements you can fly them without registering. But you can still get into big trouble flying incompetently. People have documented themselves behaving that way.

Flying FPV and BVLOS without spotters in line of sight is not cool with the FAA. I’d bank on any UAV flying that way of any size having a mishap will be trouble for the pilot if caught. Depending on the mishap scale, bye bye UAVs for hobbyists.

Good thing about micro motors is that if the door is shut flying them, the cost was minimal for all of the fun.