AlienWhoop ZERO ! NotFastEnuf and Charles Stevenson Handmade FC


It’s a bit of an adventure being silverware going, but it’s definitely worth it.


I like this video by @luis09d :
Personally I didn’t have to do half this stuff to get it to work, Keil just downloaded the libraries and stuff automatically for me if I remember correctly so don’t be put off by that part.
*edit: and on the zer0 you don’t have to do the level 0 part because it’s already unlocked. But you should download ST link utility for the drivers.

  • The newest version of keil, the connect/disconnect procedure with stlink utility is no longer necessary for future updating after the first flash is complete.
  • Pids for whoops are now universal for 6 or 7mm.

Next week I hope I can make an updated video


I don’t think that’s necessary. I meant the add device thing, I never had to do that in Keil so not sure what that is about. Also I never had the connect/disconnect issue either. I think the video is great and when people ask how to flash I often link them to your video! It’s not too long and to the point, and also goes over the important code settings. Great job bro :slight_smile:


The add device thing was only the first time, and then it does not ask for it, at least that was the first time with a new keil installation.

Perfect bro thanks


I am reading and preparing to change PIDS on alienwhoop zero FC. AFter I get KEIL and solder appropriate connections for ST LINK, where can I find a list or file of NotFastEnuf’s PIDS for the 8mm BOSS frames for this flight controller? @NotFastEnuf @luis09d


Under Pid.c ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Right here my friend :slight_smile:


Also, ignore the notes on changing filters and try the default alienwhoop filters first. Those notes are old, I need to update them.


Btw default alienwhoop filter work well on 7mm too . (716)


Is there anyway to turn off the motor idle when armed?




I turned it off by changing IDLE_THR from 0.05f (5%) to 0.00f (0% like this ) in config.h at around line 80

#define ARMING CHAN_5
#define IDLE_UP CHAN_5

#define IDLE_THR 0.00f // I reset idle throttle to zero

//#define IDLE_THR 0.05f //This designates an idle throttle of 5%


Thanks guys! I assume there is no pre-set stick gesture to do this? didn’t find anything in the Zero manual for this.


I do not know for a fact as I haven’t used gestures at all, but I would very confidently say no


Thanks! looks like I will have to get an STLINK tool to change the idle up.


Yep :slight_smile: