AlienWhoop ZERO ! NotFastEnuf and Charles Stevenson Handmade FC


So i’ll just add this here, thanks Travis.


Does anyone have any idea how to use the PCB from the Eachine H8 controller - MISO, CLK, CSN, CE on the processor side right to left with the pads facing you and VDD, GND, IRQ and MOSI on the other side please.

@Chaotix suggested tying both MISO and MOSI to the RX1 pad and adding

#define SPI_MISO_PIN GPIO_Pin_3

to config h but it doesn’t work for me.

I also have an E010 and E011 controllers but they didn’t seem to bind to my other SilverWare boards. Thanks for any help or suggestions


Update. With @Chaotix’s invaluable help and his support from Travis before, I got this to bind OK too :slight_smile:


Hi, just got my Zer0 and put it on a fresh build with an beta65s frame and betafpv 07 Motors.
The Zer0 flies really well. overall performance is damn smooth and pids filtering ect. are very good. Motors aren’t hot.
But the rates are feeling kind of low, even when i switch to bronx mode i don’t feel any big (or no) difference. I thought maybe channel 9 (for Bronx Mode) is not received by the XM but i checked this by soldering the XM to an BetaFlight FC to check the incoming channels in the BF Configurator.
Same on a 6mm frame with 19.700kv Motors.
Firmware on the Zer0 is 1.1 i think. LED Off.

I would be grateful for any help or ideas :slight_smile:


New Bee Drone has a DSM and Frsky micro receiver that are about the smallest I’ve seen if you guys are looking for receiver options. The antenna might be a little long though. Here are the links:

DSM version:

Frsky version:

  • Dustin


Under 1g with Telemetry is impressive however the RXSR depinned would be pretty close?

If you want light the FSD nano v1 is 0.5g. It has RSSI channel 9 but no telemetry in d8 mode. I use this in my whoops that require a receiver.

More details here:


Did I imagine @Notfastenuf mentioning that the BOM files have been released?


No, you did not imagine it… “They’re out there!”


@yets if you need a Bom to go with the files I have an xls at home, there’s not one in there yet.


Thanking you sir


Yes, please. I’ve not got into whoops really but just moved into a bigger house so I should really take advantage!


Won’t let me upliad an xlsAlienWhoopF0_ListByParts (1).pdf (47.2 KB)


Thanks. I don’t have to pick up too much looking at it. :smile:


Just the 6881 good luck with that!


Winter project ! Thanks for sharing :wink:


Yeah, that’s a bit of a struggle. Ian444 found a good source for them. Or I’ll do Alibaba again


They are available here @Chaotix


Just installed my first Zero today with MMW 716 17500kv and I cant belive how smooth it flies.
Hands down my best whoop ever! :grinning:
Thanks to @NotFastEnuf and @brucesdad13 for making this awesome product!


Great. I’m slowly getting my Alien Zeros ready.

Next I would like to tune it from the stock whoop settings to a Boss 8 setting. I got my st links in. Where should I navigate next to learn this process?


@PeterCC Next you will need to download Keil and a clone of the NFE Silverware fork. You can find a lot of usefull information on the Silverware Wiki: