AlienWhoop ZERO ! NotFastEnuf and Charles Stevenson Handmade FC


Good to see some genuine innovation hit Whoop Town, I’ll build some of these for sure.


You right ! by reading i almost forgot that im about to receive my Jumper :wink: ! Less weight :wink:


Cant wait to try that ! Ahahahah loved that sentence lmao


cant wait XD


@brucesdad13 @NotFastEnuf Something trivial popped into my mind today :sweat_smile: Where is the antenna solder point? Will we be able to easily mount a VTX on top?


You will be soldering an external rx on Simon. There are 6 pads on the tail of the board that cover the different receiver options - so likely you’ll put your RX between the FC and battery area. If you want to stick to bayang, you can either use the little free spi board out of the toy transmitters, or frsky can use an sbus. Dsmx coming soon and maybe even an spi receiver from alienwhoop if we can find enough hours in the day.


Oh jeez, it must be too hot for my brain to function properly :sweat_smile: That didn’t even occur to me.
Guess I have been spoiled by onboard receivers for too long :joy:
Excuse me, gonna go scour Ebay for toy transmitters…


E011 or bwhoop. The bwhoop tx has an actual dipole. Probably a bit heavy for a whoop, but nice for more range on something bigger


Yeah, bwhoop antenna is probably better for a brushless micro.


Oh nice @Chaotix so these are going to be released fully open source are they, as in schematic and board files being made available or purely a commercial venture ?

Oh and nice work @brucesdad13 and @NotFastEnuf and of course silverxxx and the support guys on RCGroups


Yes, when it’s in its final revision - it will be an open source project. Would love to see you build one!


Thanks Travis just try and stop me :slight_smile:


Awesome work! Really digging Silverware on my BetaLite. So much smoother than betaflight!

I pre-ordered a frsky version a week or so ago and I saw that the SPI version was available now so I went ahead and ordered one of those as well thinking that it had the onboard bayang like the Beta lite board does. I have a R-xsr, but I’m a little confused on where to find this tiny little Bayang receiver.

Hoping you could point me in the right direction of where and how to find one.



Sure, they are just right inside the toy transmitters of products like the e011, e011c, or bwhoop series. Do you have any sitting around in a junk box you could open up? We will also be designing our own version of one too for those who aren’t keen to harvesting and recycling parts. I believe we meet next week as a team on that to crank it out so if you do that have one a transmitter sitting around to open up, just hang in there - our redesign is gonna be SWEET!

We should also have a team video edited up and published soon on how to find and remove one. The footage has already been shot.


I currently don’t have any of the toy txs. Was going to order an e011 tonight, but wanted to make sure that this will do:

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I’m fairly keen on taking things apart. That is one of the reasons I got into this hobby😉 Anxious to watch the new video you guys have brewing. I’m assuming that you cut the receiver out of the board??


The e011 was recently changed by eachine to stop supporting silverware. It’s likely the toy transmitter included with that will have the same module however you COULD end up with a fc that’s not flash able for your $$ spent. I’d probably look for the e011c (Santa edition) or bwhoop.


Great advice! I was looking at that as well. Just ordered a Santa from the ol’ bangood. Fortunately they have some in the US for sale and half the price too!


How to harvest and connect bayang spi rx to a Zer0


Its christmas ! I mean isn’t a thing in usa “Christmas Campers” ? Well its gonna be christmas for me !


@NotFastEnuf Does the BetaFPV Lite also suffer from the use of lower grade components as you described a few months ago when comparing the Zer0 build quality vs say a e011 board?
How does a BetaFPV Lite perform compared to the Zer0?