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AlienWhoop ZERO ! NotFastEnuf and Charles Stevenson Handmade FC


Bigger FET maybe ? Better Processor ? …


Whoa! :flushed: :star_struck:


Pretty excited for more Silverware FCs!
That cheap iMovie trailer tho :joy:


Beyond being a well designed board with actual quality components, 5v buck boost, huge mosfets, 2s capable, easy servo cable size programming holes to “probe the alien brain” with a pin header … the best news here is that this is intended for external sbus receiver. That means all you taranis guys can join the fun by adding a r-sxr! It’s an amazing accomplishment by the whole alienwhoop team working together!

Dsmx sat support is quite possible too… just need to code it!


@NotFastEnuf I didn’t find any mention of your AlienWhoop Zero Vlog on MMC. So I figured this would be the best place to post. You joining up with Team AlienWhoop is great stuff! :smiley:


Thanks for the post @Brainstorm. Quite a view into my crazy life isn’t it. Rofl!! I apologize for any motion sickness that video causes while I wrangle kids and talk to you. Hehe. I have ordered one of those little camera gimbals to stabilize future vlogs against the onslaught of my children. (Not sure if I can fit them in that little clamp where the camera goes though :smile:)

Well my friends … today is the big day!!! We selected BetaFPV to handle mass manufacture of the Alienwhoop Zer0… and in just a few hours they get the first Zer0 prototype back from manufacturing today for testing!! The first non-handmade Zer0 will be taking to the air very soon!!! This has been such an exciting project and soon you will all have access to it!!! If manufactured prototype tests go well, we give the green light to start cranking out boards!!!


Great big news ! Can’t wait .

One question tho , did you finally found a way for spektrum user :slight_smile: ?

Mass production ! We gonna need to spread the news asap !

Thx for letting us know :facepunch::sunglasses:


That is exciting news Travis! Any info about the Bayang support you teased about? Because external RX sure is great for the average user, but those that already have multiprotocol capabilities would not like to add extra weight in the form of an external receiver. The traditional boards would still have the advantage of being like a gram lighter which would be a reason to still go with the old boards for me personally, which would be a pity. With built in receiver (or same weight as an e011 board) it would be the ULTIMATE silverware FC without question.


@tarkux - dsm is still on the to do list but it’s getting closer to the top. We’ll get it done I’m sure! Thanks for spreading the news!

@JBFPV - without a doubt you know I want to support the bayang protocol. You raise a few specific concerns which I’d like to address.

  1. Weight. We used a unique design to cut down on the amount of pcb material. Not dissimilar to the main advantage of the toy boards on weight but a lot sexier. We should have pictures soon from BetaFPV with the final production model on a scale.
  2. External receiver vs. Onboard and bayang support. This is going to be an external receiver board which will make one production line able to fit dsm (soon), bayang, sbus, or even crossfire. Sacrifices like that make it possible for little guys like us to get into mass production. Also avoids complications with the local fcc. Here is the good news though … the xn297l module will be supported with telemetry on bayang and that thing is TINY! LIKE INSANE TINY! And if you have a toy tx laying around - you already have a free RX hidden inside! It doesn’t weigh more than the chip itself and the pcb space it occupies. My scale won’t even register it. Alienwhoop will also be designing one that eliminates that pesky can crystal which we know has durability issues. Check out how small this bad boy is… dedicated spi pads are on the final board to use one.
  3. What advantage does the zer0 have over a toy board if you already have a multiprotocol module and plan on using the tiny spi bayang receiver… POWER. better mosfets, better power rails to feed hungry motors, and a better onboard regulated voltage feeding the mcu all mean this board out performs toy boards. Flat out. I’m testing side by side every day and 6mm golds on a zer0 are destroying my e011 on the fastest boldclash 7mm motors (same 250 packs). But don’t take my word for it, I’ll eat my hat if you don’t think this board out flies the toy boards in both power and smoothness!!! Hehe. Seriously though, you’ll start to see many manufacturers moving towards the better brushed mosfets and away from those tiny high resistance sot23 ones we are so used to. And all the toy boards starve the mcu of a stable 3.3v regulated supply in place of a money saving single 2.8 volt regulator running off vbat. We are using a 5v buck boost chip that can throw down 2 amps feeding a 3.3v regulator to power the mcu. Little things like this cost more but perform better. Something that’s not a priority in a 15$ toy. Plus this configuration will allow you to use 2s if you want to cook a few motors in the name of fun, for science, and to make the most epic whoop videos EVER! HAHAHA

There just comes a certain point in your journey as a fpv pilot where you can really appreciate the edge that you get from using higher quality parts. Sometimes the difference is small, but it’s there. And when you advance enough, you want it all without compromise. I’ll still be flying all my boards. E011, beta lites, whatever I can get my hands on! But I’m glad to have the Zer0 join the fleet!


Can’t wait!


Check out this pic where I replaced that can crystal with a smd crystal on the free rx from the toy tx. Cool right! Just wait till we cook up one at alienwhoop!!


You guys are unbelievable.
Big shout outs to @brucesdad13 and @NotFastEnuf. Thinking, designing, building, flying and what not on the edge!


I knew it!!! :smiley:
When I saw this: [https://betafpv.com/products/f3-brushed-flight-controller-frsky-rx-osd-v2](BetaFPV V2 with 30A FETs.)

Keep up the good work, good luck.

Any info on the retail price?


Thanks! And yes… seriously hats off to betaFPV and others out there that follow the lead set by innovators like @brucesdad13!! When guys like him raise the bar for what we should expect, everybody wins!


@NotFastEnuf LOL! What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger! :smile:

I remember when my kids were that age. Different set of worries now that they’re older: constant fighting and bickering. Plus the girls’s going to be a teenager this summer. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is awesome! Having an established partner for manufacturing and distribution will make a huge difference.

On a related note, what if you could get BetaFPV to make Boss frames with the same process as their cockroach frames?



I think we will probably go carbon fiber with the boss through a local cnc company. But that is an interesting idea!


That is a great solution to the external RX challenge! The added advantage of flexibility in receiver choice whilst keeping light weight AND another use for all the old stock radios a lot of us have laying around! Best of both worlds. I’ve seen the very early drafts of the zer0 (the standard servo size probe holes was my request btw) and it looks very promising, my only worry was about the added weight of an external receiver, but that worry is gone now! :smiley: You guys are outdoing yourself, this is going to be awesome. Thanks for the detailed explanation.


Yes, you were often mentioned during the development process. We also added your eloquently phased description … “to probe the alien brain” to the official documentation as well! !! Hahaha.


Here are a few photos of my OSH Park PCB handmade prototype. It features Jelle-style probes at the nose :smiley: Plugs or solder pads for motor wires… Tons of signal pads that can be used for other purposes with a little bit of configuring/compiling.

I won’t be doing bulk handmades of these but DIY will be an option for those who like to solder tiny things, once it’s all ready to release. If you do, be sure to have lots of extra 0402 as they seem attracted to the floor. :rofl:


That looks SO good :heart_eyes: