Alienwhoop Zero not arming

Hello, I new to tiny whoop and I just bought my first alienwhoop Zero. I got everything set up on the transmitter with the switch and AETR and already bind my XM+ to my frsky. But the drone won’t arm and just keep on flashing blue LED. Does anyone know the solution?

I only use my zeros on bayang receiver so cannot comment on the frsky part but just to be sure did you get the sbus version of the zero or did you flash it yourself? A protocol mismatch causes blinking

A few slow blinks during startup is normal, the blue led should go solid when a connection to receiver and transmitter is established. If it starts flashing fast after the slow startup blinks there might be an issue with your tx settings.

Which is the case ? Only slow blinks or fast blinking after a few slow blinks ?

If fast blinks first to check would be your arm switch, when powering up your arm switch should in the disarmed position otherwise it blinks fast

It start off slow blink then fast blink. I check the arm switch and it’s in the disarmed position. It was bought as the sbus version. Is there any other possibility that could cause the fast blinking?

Is the green led on the xm on all the time indicating bind ? If that is the case and the soldering is correct I would suspect either an issue with the channel map or arm switch.

I found a youtube video showing the settings in your taranis for the zero : maybe check those settings again ?

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The video is great, the drone is now working. Thank You SO Much. Now I can finally start practicing and enjoy the flying. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, did you find out what the actual issue was? Have fun flying!

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