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AlienWhoop ZER0 and Silverware going mainstream?


Just saw a video about the AlienWhoop ZER0 by none other than Le Drib!

Drew seemed impressed by the performance and it was fun to watch him discover what he could do with his whoop “live.”

Congrats to @NotFastEnuf @silver13 and the whole AlienWhoop ZER0 team on an awesome FC and on making waves in the community!


Someone get that man a st-link and a Boss frame!


Wow, the zero has been out for a bit, I’d figured Drew was all over this as soon as it dropped. Always wondered why he hasnt done a review sooner.



I always find it surprising how prominent bloggers in our community are often blissfully unaware of many seemingly obvious developments. Kind of like car sales people who can’t answer basic mechanical questions about the vehicles they are trying to sell (to an enthusiast like me, who cares about details). I guess the bloggers spend so much time shooting and editing videos that they don’t have any time to keep reading up on the forums like us mere mortals. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, it’s certainly a good thing for Drew to be catching onto the AlienWhoop Zero and silverware. As he stated in the video, it’s perfect timing for winter season, esp. up in icy Detroit where he is based. :wink:


Ordered two of these from a very local helicopter/multirotor online store just browsing thinking of stuff and looking at what’s out there. This shop doesn’t really deal in micro size models unless it’s a Blade RTF/BNF model, but I have purchased a total of three FuriousFPV Nukes because they’re nicely discounted and I want to fly a Nano QX with 14K motors with no odd behavior, and when I saw they had AlienWhoop boards for sale, instantly placed an order for two of them, FrSky compatible so I can make use of my receivers I bought. Still have more boards lacking an RX than with one, but hell, I bought everything I have that’s not completed to keep me busy over the winter.

But to see it being sold in Southern Ontario, yeah, it’s gone mainstream for sure. Odd thing is though, it’s marketed by BetaFPV. I seriously hope it’s not a knockoff and is the real deal. There is no USB port so I have no way to adjust anything anyways. I’ll just solder on an RX and treat it as a plug n’ play. But I did a bit of research and it does seem to be the real deal.


BetaFPV is the manufacturer of the Zero boards for AlienWhoop.
What you have is as real as it gets :wink:


Betafpv have sold to retailers without permission from Alienwhoop recently, this feeds back nothing to the designers and coders and isn’t sanctioned. Which retailer did you buy from? @Canadian_Jesus


Ah, damn. Sad to hear sth like this @Chaotix. Bad business practices. Just hunting the bucks :face_vomiting:.
I’m also interested what you paid per board @sier.


So confused…


It’s been sorted out since, I believe Travis had a word :sunglasses:


Yeah I stuck my nose in… but that stuff aside,
How crazy is it to see that there is still room for home grown projects to go mainstream in our hobby. It’s a ray of hope to me and I hope inspiring to you guys. Our hobby doesn’t have to be dominated by Chinese rtf’s and website supercenters with more choices and unknowns than answers. You can take your next big idea to the top in our community. Just put yourself a good team together and shoot for the moon!


Also helps if you can tune like a genius… :smiley:


Haven’t bought a Zero yet, because I wasn’t able to source decent Bayang receivers for it.
I’m using the BetaFPV Lite boards, which work nicely so far and are cheap to replace.


Sorry @sier I meant @Canadian_Jesus. But anyway it seems to be sorted out.


Yep, and now that I got to it, FYI, I got my boards from RotorQuest in Canada. They’re a very legit company to deal with and their customer service is excellent. Not going to compare to MMW because they’re two completely different sort of shops. You can’t buy 19000kv 6X15mm coreless brushed motors from RQ and receive assistance to build a crazy indoor FPV quadcopter and you can’t buy a Lynx Oxy 4 helicopter kit and most of the core components for it from MMW. Both excellent stores. My two primary actually, just one is mainly for outdoor toys and the other indoor :sunglasses:

But as has been said, my boards are be legit and it seems that issue has been sorted before I even purchased them. Now to decide how I’m going to spend a Monday with no obligations :partying_face:


I’m loving flying my Zer0 so much I’d like to try and replicate the rates on my 2.5" brushless drone. Anyone able to help me out with this?


NFE silverware used on the Zer0 uses no super rates so set them to 0, use rc rate to get around 860º/sec for pitch and roll and add about 50% expo. With yaw, get rid of s rate as before and rc rate to get 500º/sec, expo about 30%.
Fly that and see how it feels, remember a 2.5" brushless will have a different feel to a whoop due to weight/power and aerodynamics.


That’s great thanks. I will probably put it on a switch so that I can have a play as a second profile. I’ve been flying for about 8 months and still not really settled on how I like my rates. They are up around 1000 at the moment. I do feel they need to be slower.


Just been out for a test flight and quite like it being that low. I might even try and flatten out the centre of the stick a little more. Thanks your your advice.