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AlienWhoop ZER0 and Silverware going mainstream?


Just saw a video about the AlienWhoop ZER0 by none other than Le Drib!

Drew seemed impressed by the performance and it was fun to watch him discover what he could do with his whoop “live.”

Congrats to @NotFastEnuf @silver13 and the whole AlienWhoop ZER0 team on an awesome FC and on making waves in the community!


Someone get that man a st-link and a Boss frame!


Wow, the zero has been out for a bit, I’d figured Drew was all over this as soon as it dropped. Always wondered why he hasnt done a review sooner.



I always find it surprising how prominent bloggers in our community are often blissfully unaware of many seemingly obvious developments. Kind of like car sales people who can’t answer basic mechanical questions about the vehicles they are trying to sell (to an enthusiast like me, who cares about details). I guess the bloggers spend so much time shooting and editing videos that they don’t have any time to keep reading up on the forums like us mere mortals. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, it’s certainly a good thing for Drew to be catching onto the AlienWhoop Zero and silverware. As he stated in the video, it’s perfect timing for winter season, esp. up in icy Detroit where he is based. :wink: