AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual

short cuts:
product page:
AW fan club:

MultiWii 2.4 GUI :
default firmware: (160.4 KB)
Devo Model File for MultiWii/AF DEVO 10 DeviationTX (Model Files Including the AlienWii FC & Modules Installation)

Original Interactive AlienWii Manual thread on RCGroups:
This thread is where this journey all started and has some very interesting information for the true AlienWii AlienFlight aficionado.

Driver download for USBasp programmer -

Basic Set-up Guide

Parts Needed:

Note: there are other vendors for these parts as well as different ways to build this FC out, below is one example that is commonly used

  1. AlienFlight Classic Narrow Flight Controller with included cables -
  2. 4 x Motors (2xCW + 2xCCW) with motor plugs -
  3. LemonRx DSMX Satellite Receiver (will now be referred to as satRX) -
  4. Quadcopter frame
  5. Parrot or Hubsan Props ( ) - Smaller frames will want to use the hubsan props. DO NOT USE PARROT PROPS WITH DARK MOTORS, this will cause them to overheat and die. Use parrots with fasts (not insane)
  6. 1s 3.7v Battery -
  7. 6 Channel DSMX Transmitter of choice - 4 channels will work too but 6 is recommended - Taranis with module, Devo 7e or Spektrum DX6 are common examples

Recommended Optional Parts:

  1. Buzzer -
  2. Loom Bands for securing battery to frame


  • TRIPLE CHECK THAT YOUR BATTERY POLARITY AND BOARD POLARITY ARE NOT REVERSED. You could have a very short lived alien if you plug in a battery with reversed polarity.


  • Careful with the polarity of the accessory port. Current boards are the opposite polarity of the motor plugs.

  • Be careful when mounting props to motors that you do not push the caps out of the bottom of the motor. Pre-drilling the prop holes can help avoid this -

Set-up Steps

Big thanks to @madman1412 for putting a video tutorial together -

  3. CHECK BATTERY POLARITY – without plugging in, make sure that the positive and negative ends of your battery line up with the polarity of the board. This could be the end of your alien if you reverse polarity
  4. Plug in satRx with included yellow/red/black cable checking orientation – it will only go in easily one way.
    4b. Optional: Remove satRX case by removing one screw – this saves a bit over 1 gram and makes it easier to mount in tighter spaces. If you do this, make sure that you insulate the FC from the satRX so that you do not cause any shorts. Also, trimming the the sat socket pins is highly recommended as they protrude quite a bit more than needed -
  5. After triple checking to make sure your battery polarity is correct, plug in battery and make sure everything powers up without issues - should have blue flashing lights
  6. Unplug Battery from board so we can begin bind process
  7. While holding down the bind button (small black button next to USB port), plug in the battery again – the red light on the satellite should begin to rapidly flash red to indicate it is in bind mode
  8. Place your Transmitter into bind mode (this process will depend on your tx) and bind the two - the red light on the satRx will flash several times and then stay on solid if the bind was successful.
  9. Download Software
    a. Arduino IDE Software for your OS:
    b. Multiwii configurator -
    c. If you don’t have it already, you will need to download and install the latest version of Java -
  10. Install Arduino Software:
  11. Plug alien into PC using USB cable (make sure that your USB cable is a data cable and not just a power cable)
  12. Open up Multiwii Conf for your OS that you downloaded in step 9b. Select the correct Comm Port for your USB connected Alien and click start.
  13. Ensure that the Multiwii GUI moves as you move the board around in your hand.
  14. You will most likely want to add two extra channels to your transmitter so that you can arm/disarm via switch and also change between flight modes (horizon, angle acro). Follow @pedro147’s very helpful article.
  15. Finish programming your alien using the aux channels so that you can switch between your desire flight modes, arm/disarm and control buzzer, if desired. Click write to save changes and close comm before disconnecting flight controller.

16.Complete the build of your Quadcopter and enjoy the abduction:



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