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AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual


Pretty much the best setup there, just checking, did you crimp the jsts yourself? Do they ever get warm? So many problems can stem from bad power supply, always the first bits I check when any type of problem appears.


I’ve never noticed the JSTs being warm after a flight. And haha no, I did not crimp them myself. I’ve been into this hobby for long enough that I should be far more skilled…but I can still barely solder or crimp to save my life. Still a plug and fly kinda guy, sad to say.


I am flying this new board and another Alien Wii Classic Narrow fc. The new one is AWESOME I have yet to have any problem with it , but have had to reflash and reset the other board a few times now. Only problem I see on the new board no Alien logo love this new board am still testing but this is my opinion so far is the board is AWESOME


Nice prop cutter man! What size are those props before and after? (ie. 66mm?)


Kam, what size props are you using? Also 8.5mm -17 from MMW?


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I’m going to build this up w an alien (as seen in the frame), parrots, (66mm/1mm), a high voltage 500mAh and MMW beta motors:

As seen here:


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Tested the fc on another frame the more I fly this fc the more I like them. About as good as it gets

Tomoquads Mosquito




Even though these new FC come pre-flashed with the sketch now that alienflight.com is no longer available we need to update the provided download link in Line 4 of the Troubleshooting section at the beginning of this thread (Wiki )

I will track a file down and link to it by editing Line 4 of the Wiki


Here is what I downloaded from alienflight.com:

I just attached that file to the original post.

I noticed there is a link to a trouble shooting section on alienflight, thats now obviously dead too. These tips were quite good AFAIR, but I guess they all made it into common consciousness here, so I will remove that link. sigh


Thanks @Benedikt I found it in my stash too :slight_smile:

Not sure if I can do an internal link as such (other than to this specific post) so I will edit the link in the Troubleshooting section and point it my Dropbox account unless this does not suit you #QuadFather :slight_smile:

EDIT - I see that I was to slow for you @Benedikt :slight_smile: Thanks


Thank goodness! I was in a real pinch today, Alien acting all weird before a scratch start from flashing. Very much appreciated Benedikt! :alien:


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help please,
im not computer savy and having trouble opening the multiwii gui. so far i have:
1- updated computer, and java
2-downloaded and opened arduino
2b-plugged in alien fc
3- selected leonardo, and my com (5)

4-downloaded multiwii 2.4
5-unzipped all files to folder on desktop:

i used this tutorial, all videos here, read through this thread again, to no avail.
when i click on this, nothing happens:

im sure its operator error, the connection between the keyboard and the chair!


Hi and sorry to hear that you are having problems but that is pretty usual even for people that are pretty proficient with computers :smiley:

Please sent me a pm telling me where you actually are (I am in Australia ) and we will try and sort out some time to catch up and try and sort this out.

EDIT - Where did you get Multiwii 2.4 from and what Windows are you using please Also which tutorial exactly


Which java version? I think i downloaded java 6 long time ago, this version works for the GUI.


So I went to the Java website and downloaded their latest version