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AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual


Welcome @iamkaioken :smile: They are quite the fine little FC. Happy flying! If you need any help all you have to do is shout out.

Yeah, what he said! haha I do not like spending an hour and a half of my time to crimp up 10 sat cables :expressionless: @Benedikt knows I asked about these I think last year but there wasn’t really that much demand. Now we have one, hallelujah! :grin:


@Benedikt Seems like the alienflight website is down?

Does anyone have an idea why? Like is it closed because the boards are in production now :confused:


@Matj see here the website has gone but the project will live on stronger that ever :alien: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlienWii/permalink/565831273626921/?comment_id=566023450274370&comment_tracking={"tn"%3A"R7"}

Open source Alienflight FC

A little something I want to point out - http://alienflight.com/robots.txt:

That’s how you keep web.archive.org from archiving your website and that’s maybe not the nicest move for any serious open source project. That robot.txt is there for a reason, no accident. In my world that’s how you don’t open source things. :wink:


Can someone fill me in…
In layman’s terms.
What’s gone? will or can it be retrieved?
Does it matter? Can we find it elsewhere?
I get that something happened to a website that’s about it.


AlienFlight was an open source release of the files to make the AlienFlight cards @Kamsleo69. Along with the release of the files a website was created under that name as well to support the open source project. Unfortunately that website is now gone. Fortunately though there were enough of us involved in making the FC’s that the information is still available just not from that website anymore.


That’s why we have Alien Commanders!


@Kamsleo69 beam me up Scotty :smiley:


Testing will soon begin



Don’t know what that is but I like it!
May I ask about your props. I thought the verdict was in on tri-blades. Are they new? Proven?
And who needs LED’s when the whole frame is one big one!!
That seriously looks like a machine to do business.


Hubsan x4 props. Only ones I had so will let you know when she flies but might add lights


One thing I noticed is the AlienWii brownout problem seems to be nonexistent on this board. Every single OG Alienwii Narrow I have suffers from losing the rate/mode settings when I fly a batt too low. Sometimes, it even resets all my PIDs to zero!

I’ve flown a few packs way past my normal flight time, trying to make this happen, and it doesn’t. Pretty sweet. Really liking this FC.


From the AlienWii Narrow Classic onwards and all though the whole AlienFlight range of FC’s they all use Buck Boost voltage regulation which does not give rise to the brownout problem and subsequent reset of the settings to defaults. Despite this a hard crash can still reset the FC occasionally.

The old Classic AlienWii FC’s had LDO (low-dropout) power regulation which is definitely prone to the brownouts if battery voltage gets too low.


So the narrow classic had this buck boost regulation? Cause that’s the only alien i’ve had access to. And it’s been quite the problem out in the flying field.


@FlemonMallister Yes it did, so that is unusual

Can you post a picture of your board or a stock image of the same one that you have and what batteries are you using please

@madman1412 may be able to help


That is weird. If it is the narrow not the square card it shouldn’t be browning out with the buck boost voltage regulator that that FC uses, it is essentially a copy of the 5v AlienFlight without the 5v circuit and a few other changes but same buck boost chip. The AW that were prone to the brown out were the Classics because they have an LDO voltage regulator which could not maintain the 3.3v below that point of discharge in the battery. If you have an AW Narrow that is doing that it sounds like there may be some fault in the buck boost because they should go till the quad just can’t fly.


Even more weird, it’s been an issue on all of the 10 AW Narrow Classic Cards I own/have destroyed. Usually just losing all my rate settings. But the occasional complete reset of all PIDs to zero.


What batteries and connectors and charger do you use? Odd it should happen on so many boards, makes me think the problem might not be the boards.


Using the mylipo 480s primarily. Sometimes mylipo750 and the voltamat555. Everything red JST. Charging on the hitec x4.