AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual


Yes, thats where the pots are defined. In config.h

#define POT_G AUX3
#define POT_A AUX4

I added a few channels on my transmitter for Aux 3 and Aux 4.

Also, you’ll see the ranges for the PID adjustments in the multiwii.cpp file on lines 649 and 650. I uncommented out the line that read int kpA = 3*kuA + 60; which gives a larger range for adjusting Level Pids.


@nuggetz great job and thanks for sharing!


Finally got time to add some FPV gear. My lightest FPV rig so far at 43g before lipo! This may be my new favorite quad. MMW board is dialed in and flying perfectly!

It’s been mentioned several times already, but triple check polarity! I found that my 5v out was indeed opposite, so had to swap my wires around.


Now lets add a key ingredient: manual, analog, instant, easy-to-use customisable, inflight PID tuning.

Here is the code: (173.6 KB)


Dumb question @pilsnerpopper how do I find the Wiki fot the AlienFlight please.

The navigation here is terrible or am I just dumb (don’t answer that please) :smiley:


Hey @pedro147 Just moved it to the first post of this thread which is a wiki post so anyone can add/edit


Thanks @pilsnerpopper, the only place I didn’t think to look :slight_smile:


There a really good reason why you guys don’t mount your alien like this, I just don’t know why.
Shout out to the Alien Commanders, please advise:


look video :wink:
build frame parrot, whit FC alienwii, adapter


Thank you, yes I will.
When it fit up in there while I was fooling around I was surprised.
No reason to reinvent the wheel, just curious.
I’m good at bad ideas🙄


Without FC plate, it will be difficult to fix the FC in place and/or put the motor plugs in. To make it fit nicely, I take a mini rotary tool and remove all these little tabs on the inside of the cargo compartment.


@Benedikt seeing as you are having sat cables made, would it be possible for MMW to start stocking them as a standalone purchase. They are impossible to buy and I have been asked numerous times where to buy them and guess what? Not available anywhere :slight_smile:

P.S. - battery cables of both styles are also a necessary consumable and for FC builders who do not wish to crimp so much


I second Peter’s sentiment.


Yeah, these cables not available anywhere, we have them made to spec. With quality plugs, large diameter silicone coating wires, and solid crimping.
Currently, we are only making satellite cables and JST power connectors, and we will also stock them separately in a few weeks.
Extending the range is on the list.


Thank you Sir
Appreciate the tip.


I’ll take 10 of each.


Excellent work @Benedikt and the availability of these cables is a long time coming for the “non crimping crew” :slight_smile:


Even for those of us that do crimp, it’s enough of a time consumer that I’d rather buy them at a reasonable price.


Awesome so much info thanks everyone just waiting on a frame now


Abducted pilot confirmed and here for duty! Having only flown some nano quad, a hubsan x4 and micro drone 3.0…alienflight + MMW 8.5x20 Fast = WOW. I didn’t know what real acro was until today. To Benedict and the MMW community, thank you for bringing my best flight experience ever! So this is what responsiveness feels like! This thing rips!!!