AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual

Yeah was thinking it could be USB cable related as I’ve seen that before on other flight controllers too. Gonna find a diff cable and see what’s what but I believe the cable I’m using is “the good one” :slight_smile: . So the graphic and everything else I assume should always remain responsive then under normal conditions? My original alien got water damaged and I can’t test that one to compare.

Should @Nuggetz also clear the EEPROM prior to re flashing the sketch @madman1412

eeprom_clear sketch is here. Select Arduino Leonardo as the board type and the Port that it is connected to when the FC is plugged in via USB. Upload the sketch and then after it finishes upload it again. Then reflash the operating sketch. Remember to calibrate the gyro in the MultiWii GUI after any sketch reflash The sketch is available for download here

I was going to do that on my card and decided to go right for the flash rather than clear the eeprom this time. It worked fine but I can’t not say that it would every time so I would suggest the eeprom clear too before reflash and that means clear eeprom till it doesn’t show under tools and a com port. Sometimes it takes more than one try to do that.

Yeah if the card is working and your PC is not freezing up on other programs you should see instant response in the GUI when the card is moved around.

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Here she is!! Connected to Windows 10 PC with no issues at all. I left PIDs stock for now, just increased rates a bit. She flew beautifully! Silky smooth! Just a little tuning and it’ll be perfect. Threw it on this frame just to get her flying, but hopefully @MrRabble is hooking me up with a Rouser soon! Thanks again for the chance @Benedikt!


Nice build @acc Purple Rain

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Very nice. Like the purple.

@madman1412 So what made you decide to reflash? What would be the criteria?

One last piece to the puzzle. Arriving tomorrow.

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Intriging @TyFromMD :smiley:

I think so. I’ve had this frame for a long time… it’s about time I built it out. As soon as this AlienFlight Classic Narrow arrives… it’s on!


I just picked mine up then plus an Eachine 010 Tiny Whoop Chinese clone

Oh yeah it’s playtime :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @Benedikt for allowing me in on the ground floor with this FC


Lmao thanks @pedro147. That might stick. Well, at least until I get a Rabble Rouser for it :wink: wink wink nudge nudge @MrRabble

I decided to connect the flight controller as is and not really dwell too much on the gui issues I was seeing earlier and I got to say my carbon H quad never flew so darn smooth. I didn’t have any motors with micro connectors attached so I soldered onto the back of the FC for now. Need to reinforce the lemon RX antenna wires as they appear to be hanging on for dear life:-) this is going to turn out to be a nice little build here. Thanks again @Benedikt for allowing me to test one of the first boards. It’s pretty great so far.

Just wanted to add that while I had the FC connected to my laptop with the battery connected I received a message from windows saying that USB device was drawing too much power and windows shutdown the port. I thought I destroyed it for sure but the USB port thankfully works after a reboot. Are we not supposed to attach USB and battery at the same time like scisky? Don’t recall having ever done this before so wanted to ask.

order #33995 addictive alien Wii :heart_eyes:

Hey @nuggetz

No do not attach a battery and a USB to the FC at the same time. The USB will fully power the FC meaning it will allow arming and spinning of motors while connected to the GUI.

About the reflash of the sketch. That is from experience with over about 60 cards or so that I have learned that if there is something weird happening in the GUI the first thing I go to is a clean install of the sketch and at least 75% of the time that clears up whatever issue I was seeing but the most common thing that I have seen that prompts me to reflash the sketch is weird gyro behaviour in the GUI, like the quad is drifting in yaw, or spinning on all axis and channels move on their own. If I see that and cannot get it to react normally in the GUI after unplugging and restarting the GUI, I clear the card and reflash the sketch. Also like what you were saying, it often will also stop responding. The act light will go solid and no response whatsoever. Then it will start to blink again and be responsive.


I’m debating whether to reflash. Like I said I mounted it up and she flies great. Can’t really make out any flight problems. Perhaps a tiny bit of drift that I attributed to calibrating on a non perfect surface. I’ll do some testing and perhaps give things a clean flash.


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Got mine today! Thanks again @Benedikt !

Here is one observation I made that is vital to the survival of this flight controller:

The 5v micro jst port for external gear is reversed. Where one expects + it is - and vice-versa. Before plugging in and powering up be sure to double check. You will have to reverse your wiring to make things work correctly. You’ll most likely be soldering wires here anyway, so reverse them.


Nice observation @Mullet.

Good eye @Mullet. The motor plugs and the accessory plug are reverse polarity.

With this FC intended to be easy to set-up, are there any cameras that are plug and play into that board mount?