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AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual


Good work and happy flying :slight_smile:


I could use a hand with trying to sort out some custom code for whooving. In the output.cpp file, down towards the bottom, there is a section of code that is described as normalizing the motor output and has notes about making room for the pid controller to have the authority it needs as motors approach full commands. For a whoov we need just the opposite, more pid authority at the low range of motor output. Do you have any thoughts on what changes to make there? I tested eliminating one of the lines completely there (the one where motor [i] -= motor [i] - max motor… or something like that) and I ended up with fantastic pid authority at zero throttle, but my pid output and controls were also reversed near zero throttle. And as I throttles up they switched back to the correct direction. Made me think I am at least in the right spot. Any thoughts? Did anyone ever code an airmode hack for multiwii?


Nice work on the code so far @NotFastEnuf I saw @Benedikt ripping around in his latest video.

I have played around with the MW code a little but I am of no use sorry. @loeten is the guy who helped me when I was working out how to first incorporate buzzer code into the AlienWii code. He knows his way around the code and is a super helpful guy and very smart. You could maybe try and contact him via pm here.

Just for interest I had a look in the Output.cpp file but could not find any reference to any of the key words you mentioned. What line number was all this at please and if you are not seeing line numbers there is a setting in Preferences that turns it on.


Hey guys, can the AlightFlight Classic Narrow boards run with BetaFlight firmware?


All the original line of Aliens which the classic narrow is one of, only run Multiwii. The newer line of Alienflight and AlienflightNG ones use the stmFxxx processors needed to use Betaflight.


I have a number of old original AlienWii FCBs, the white square ones, and need to reflash them to (hopefully) cure some issues. But i cant find a sketch for the old boards. I also have an old original Classic Narrow that needs flashing, will the Alienflight-Buzz sketch work on the old classic narrow?

Square Alien 1: connects to MWconf but wont recalibrate accelerometers, although i am getting reading from the accelerometr/gyros. Flies like its getting no reading from accelerometer/gyros (goes nuts as soon as throttle up)

Square Alien 2: Connects to MWconf and everything seems to work, but it wont communicate with the reciever. Yes the wires are good.

Original classic narrow: connects to MWconf, but not getting any reading from accelerometr/gyros. Flies like its getting no reading from accelerometer/gyros (goes nuts as soon as throttle up)

I cleared the EEPROM and flashed the Alien flight Buzz sketch on the classic narrow, and although it apears to flash ok, still get no response from the gyro/accelerometer when connected to multiwiiconf 2.3 or 2.4.



Because the gyro orientation is different on the AlienFlight 8bit FC, that AF_Buzz sketch is wrong in so far as the gyro code. That is not your issue though as it should still attempt to lift off and would still have gyro response in the GUI. It sounds like a dud gyro to me. I have a friend in WA who may be prepared to look at it for you but I would have to ask him first if you are interested ? Where are you situated Mike


I am in south Louisiana. If your friend can replace the gyro and get it working again for much less than the $60 it would take to buy a new one from mm warehouse I am interested.

Now what about finding an appropriate sketch for the square ones?


So just to clarify. This is the AlienWii Classic which I assume is your square one.


smaller capacity FET’s (4.2A) motor sockets not angled at 45° in corner, LDO rather than Buck Boost voltage regulator and no sockets for RX and battery connection.

This is the Narrow Classic AlienWii or Classic Narrow AlienWii. Angled motor sockets, 6.3A FET’s, Buck Boost voltage regulator and sockets for RX and battery connection. When the Classic was first released, MultiWii 2.3 was the firmware useed but I am sure that 2.4, which was the last version of MultiWii released, will be fine for both these FC’s. As I said the gyro orientation and hence code in MultiWii is the only real practical difference.


When AlienWii stopped production and AlienFlight came into being, the 5v AlienFlight 8bit FC was born. Different gyro orientation on the board and therefore the gyro code in the Alienflight-Buzz firmware is different to both earlier AlienWii’s.

If you pm me your email address I’ll send you a zip file of the firmware


Yes that is correct, I have three of the classic square ones like in the picture (only one currently working, the other two I hope will function again after re flashing) and one classic narrow not working with apparent failed gyro. I purchased all of them from Benedikt at mmw back when lance was still involved and they all came preflashed with appropriate sketch, and I’ve never needed to reflash one before.

I’ll send you a pm.


Yes I got your pm and I will send that folder after work


@MikeNOLA message me if you need some AlienWii FC fixed. It is well below the cost of replacing one. I specificaly try to help anyone I can keep the original AlienWii flying since there are no more of those than what was produced commercially or hand assembled by Lance whom was the designer of this FC. Sorry I am only just now responding in the thread here I also run a small business which tends to eat my life sometimes.


Thanks @madman1412. @MikeNOLA had some success with a reflash on some FC but may need assistance in the future.

We all thank you heaps for all the time you have spent repairing Aliens for the community


I have a classic narrow with apparent failed gyro- accelerometer that needs replacing. I also have a classic that I knocked off the resistor for the status led, and although the fcb works the status led does not. I have another classic that everything works on but it won’t communicate with receiver, I don’t know if this is a hardware or software issue.



Just replied to your message. I will get those Aliens right for you :smiley: All fairly simple issues that are also the most common next to reverse polarity which sometimes is the worst that can happen to these FC.


Adam that sounds great, when I get home in 2weeks I’ll send them off to you.


Your Aliens are in good hands @MikeNOLA. Adam is The Doc



Just doing my part mate to make the community a cool place to hang out :wink: Learning to fix the Aliens was good experience for learning to build the open source ones.


Profile configuration in MultiWii via stick commands