AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual


Good work and happy flying :slight_smile:


I could use a hand with trying to sort out some custom code for whooving. In the output.cpp file, down towards the bottom, there is a section of code that is described as normalizing the motor output and has notes about making room for the pid controller to have the authority it needs as motors approach full commands. For a whoov we need just the opposite, more pid authority at the low range of motor output. Do you have any thoughts on what changes to make there? I tested eliminating one of the lines completely there (the one where motor [i] -= motor [i] - max motor… or something like that) and I ended up with fantastic pid authority at zero throttle, but my pid output and controls were also reversed near zero throttle. And as I throttles up they switched back to the correct direction. Made me think I am at least in the right spot. Any thoughts? Did anyone ever code an airmode hack for multiwii?


Nice work on the code so far @NotFastEnuf I saw @Benedikt ripping around in his latest video.

I have played around with the MW code a little but I am of no use sorry. @loeten is the guy who helped me when I was working out how to first incorporate buzzer code into the AlienWii code. He knows his way around the code and is a super helpful guy and very smart. You could maybe try and contact him via pm here.

Just for interest I had a look in the Output.cpp file but could not find any reference to any of the key words you mentioned. What line number was all this at please and if you are not seeing line numbers there is a setting in Preferences that turns it on.


Hey guys, can the AlightFlight Classic Narrow boards run with BetaFlight firmware?


All the original line of Aliens which the classic narrow is one of, only run Multiwii. The newer line of Alienflight and AlienflightNG ones use the stmFxxx processors needed to use Betaflight.