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I find it best to calibrate the acc via stick commands once the quad is completely built and on level ground.


Memorize the ones you use like the calibrate acc/gyro and the trim acc


…or cheat :grin:


@Complacent1 has a great video on this too


Ok I’m now calibrate but when I play with sticks, this indicator dosn’t moove :confused:
If there is french people here, I’ll be happy to have french explanation :slight_smile:
Thank you


Thanks for your answer, I thought the quad on the screen have to be flat when my real quad is flat on my desk


When you do make any settings like calibration of the ACC always be sure to click the WRITE after done or it will not keep the setting. The boxes next to the line graph at the bottom left under ACC should be close to 0-0-512, they will fluctuate up and down but if you calibrate the ACC and click save they should be close to those numbers.


All of this is done, but still no responses from motors.
What are the boxes ARM ANGLE HORIZON ?
It may come from here …


With the FC connected to the GUI (and never have the battery connected at the same time as having USB power applied) move your left stick on the TX down and to the right and this should arm the FC. The arming box should turn green in the GUI indicating that the FC is armed. To disarm move the same stick down and to the left. If that is all OK then once you have the FC disconnected from the GUI with a battery connected you should be able to arm the FC and get the motors responding to throttle input. Note that the default flight mode that you currently have set up will be Acro mode. To set up arming and the three different modes with switches please have a look at this post and have you read the Wiki right at the start of this thread we are now in.


Merci beaucoup, but if we trust the picture below, when aux1 is on low position it is supposed to arm my FC

But still nothing :confused:
HELP :slight_smile:


There is a special arming process on a devo7e ?


You will have to check that the switch you are assigning in the GUI is registering movement in this area. Have you read all the information that you have been directed too? :grinning:

The Devo’s are a bit trickier with setting up model files for.

Have you left the arming boxes unticked and tried just the default stick arming. Remember to click Save after any changes or they will not have any effect.


I’m a noob when it comes to Multiwii gui stuff but is your throttle a bit high for arming? Have you adjusted travel in the tx to get from 1000 to 2000 on the flight channels?


I had the same problem. I just re assigned the switches again and it worked :confused:


Yes travel adjustments are another big issue on setting these up too aren’t they


IT FLY !!! Thank you every one for your answers :slight_smile: !!!
No I have to calibrate ACC because when I move THRO, it fly around :confused:
@pedro147 you posted a video from @Complacent1 where he is calibrating ACC, could I do same with a devo7e flashed with deviation ?
Thanks !!!


He is trimming the ACC with stick commands to correct drift instead of trimming it on the TX :grinning:

You just calibrate the ACC in the GUI by having the FC level and stationary, clicking Calib and when the values are 0 0 512 or close too you click Write.

These stick commands will work with the Devo too


That is what happened when I move THROT

I really have to calibrate with my Tx, cause I can’t plug the FC without moving it, so when I unplug, the fc move, and the calibration is wrong.


The calibration is done once you click the write button. So long as the fc is level and still when you click calibrate button up until the values are as @pedro147 said and you’ve clicked write. You can move the fc to unplug without affecting the stored calibration.
Your problem looks to be caused by the tx needing endpoints and midpoint set correctly, the yaw you’re seeing is due to yaw channel not registering 1500 as centre for example.
If your new to devo, did you calibrate sticks after flashing deviation? In tx menu. Also if you’re not sure how to adjust travel just ask.


Did you reverse Aileron and Rudder on your TX? From AlienWii manual


Ok so I played with my sticks set up

And try once and it works :smiley: I don’t even know how but it’s work :slight_smile:
Thank you every one now I have to calibrate a little bit yet cause it moves back a little yet.
Why me sat receiver is blinking when I fly now ?

Thank you again :slight_smile: