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AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual


yes, the print is correct!
My current estimation is that we will run out of the existing boards end of the year, and we are currently preparing the next batch, which will have the traces (and the print) reversed, so we can install the plugs in the original orientation.

btw, the cameras on teh nQX2 and on the Inductrix FPV are connected over this exact plug, and they have “reversed” polarity, so they plug straight into the very first batch of these FCs.

In any case, triple-check :wink:


Hi everybody,

I have one of the Alien Hex fc’s with a dsm2 satellite and Devo transmitter - how do you get an LV warning with this setup?

A big thanks to everyone here, this forum was a huge help in getting everything set up so far - the hex flies beautifully! Just afraid to fly too long and wreck a battery.


Short answer - you don’t unfortunately. There is a mod that gives battery voltage warning via one of the LED’s on the FC that was done for the AlienWii so it should be able to be used on this FC which is basically the same circuit. I will have to hunt it up for you and post it later :slight_smile:


I always set a timer on my tx.
Never used low voltage warning setup on a FC.


Hey @Scott8933
I second @chrisdo, and edit: many others here when flying I use a timer. My experience has been that when I did set them through CF, with the Scisky, when I would pull a lot of amps, say a full throttle move, my battery would sag below the min voltage warning temporarily but then it was too late. I had it set to my buzzer and it was always going off. Got really annoying, so I just set a timer and all is well.


I do agree with the other guys though a timer is the way to go. FYI here is that LED battery status project. I know that @Complacent1 had a go at it but not sure if he got it working fully or not


Nice, thank you for the link!

Seems like the timer will be a safer way to go, since the hex is usually moving too fast to tell if a light is blinking.

Does anyone know if octo versions of the Alien will ever be available for sale?


Hi @Scott8933, I have some blank Octo PCB that I hope to build out soon. I have not seen either of the two sources planning to do Octo for retail purchase only the quad and hexa versions. Seems Octo is not the most popular as it really can hurt when they crash and you damage twice as many motors and props. Check in with me in about 2 weeks, just PM me and I will let you know where I am at with those.


Thank you, very cool to offer. Will PM later.

Again, this is a really great forum!


Another great forum for all things :alien: : is the AW FC Fan Club on Facebook that was started by @madman1412 just over a year ago.

If you decide to pop in just let us know that you are Scott8933 from MMC :slight_smile:


@Scott8933 If you dont come right by @madman1412 i may have an Octo you can take off me.


Yeah, it may take me a little bit before I can build those PCB into flight cards. I would jump on this @Scott8933. There are not many of the white Octo boards like that since the majority of the PCB for these builds came from Oshpark and are purple. Also, @Decimus is an ace builder.


That board looks amazing Decimus, PM has been sent.


Beautiful white board


Hi all, firstly loving my Alien brain FCs - makes flying great.

Not sure if this belongs here but my question is in reply to the following

So I’ve been flying my alien with parrot frame and CL-0820-17 with the parrot props, they fly great, but yes get hot . . . . . so after reading the above I swapped the props around, see image below, but after swapping them I’m only getting take off after throttle at 3/4 ? dose that sound right ?

(swapped the parrot props for the ones on the left)


You can try these:
AFUNTA 5x COMBO Transparent Clear Blades Propellers Props Rotor For Hubsan X4 H107 H107D H107C H107L Quadcopter / Helicopter / Airplane https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RE5US38/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Uv3Dyb3M6AN33

Has done extensive thrust testing with different motor/prop combos. Check here:



I have a question, my alien mini quad is almost ready to fly :smiley: !!

But when the FC is flat on my desk we could see that’s on screen shot the FC think she is on the side.

How could I calibrate the sensors ?
Thank you every one :slight_smile:


Make sure the FC is truly flat(not a slanting desk, floor or something). Then click that “CALIB_ACC” button. Will take a few seconds to calibrate the accelerometer. Then you should be good to go.


ok so that -->

Means nothing ?


Even though no AlienWii or AlienFlight has any compass sensor activated, the board still registers changes in orientation in the GUI. See here -

FC pointing so compass is due North and that image points up

FC pointing so compass is facing East and that image points to the right.

So in your case it depends on what direction your FC is facing. If you rotate it on the Z Axis it will move the same as explained but note it will not correspond to actual real compass directions. In short there is no problem :grinning: