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thanks for the help, so things are getting worse, but i havnt cleared eeprom yet or reflashed. i checked and yes it reads leonardo and comm 5:

so when i first noticed issues, in the gui my acc was reading movement and registering on the graph, now nothing. i have to read up on and watch the videos again on this eeprom and loading a sketch. ive never done it. ill post back with results


so clearing the eeprom was straightforward, thanks for your videos @madman1412. loading the alien-buzz sketch didnt go well however. I am in new territory with all this, so my learning curve is a wall, straight up! after uplaoding the sketch, i got an error message but continued on.

now my gui looks like this:


No exact idea what, but something is wrong with your Arduino insallation.
A compiler error occurs before Arduino even tries to connect to the FC. An .exe file has no business on a Mac. You seem to somehow have (partially) installed a Windows version of Arduino?


Hello @Benedikt
Thanks for your help as well.
It is a pc running Windows 10.
I suspect I pointed to the incorrect file to upload after clearing eeprom?
I downloaded and unzipped your alien buzz file, and pointed to the arduino file?


Keith is on a Billy Box @Benedikt :slight_smile:

Keith if you pm me on Facebook we will sort you out

:alien:Mayhem :slight_smile:


Hey @Kamsleo69,
When you opened the ALIENFLIGHT-BUZZ.ino file in Arduino, did it also show all of the tabs for the different files required for the compilation to occur? If the main file doesn’t have any header files or the accompanying code then the make file will ultimately fail when performing the compilation. Your screenshot didn’t appear to show any tabs in Arduino. I don’t recall what I saw when I had to reflash my AlienFlight but it appeared odd to me.

I hope pedro147 got your sorted. I’m new to all of this too, but it is pretty damn sweet. I didn’t realized how much visibility we had into the code until going through this process. This is certainly a hobby where you have complete control over your end product should you choose to manipulate to that degree. Pretty damn cool.


Good spotting there :slight_smile: Keith has not got onto me as yet but I’ll mention it when he does @iamkaioken and thanks


You bet! Just trying to give back what little I can from so much I’ve learned from this community alone. Between MMW and Youtube…good times for the brain…and tons of time seemingly disappeared from my day. Haha.


@Kamsleo69 and I are working on it now @iamkaioken For some reason the Arduino sketch file was inside it’s own folder which was inside the folder containing all the other required files. I got him to cut and paste it back with it’s siblings and the family is all together again :slight_smile:

:alien: Magic


Well done @pedro147! Nice recovery :+1:
The :alien: always finds his home.


Can’t wait to see more footage from your FPV Acro antics @Kamsleo69! I’m itching to fly the whoop…come now goggle charger, complete your job so I can unleash it upon my home!!! :smile:


the alien commanders have answered the call once again. thank you @pedro147 for helping me sort out my file issues. i just finished setting the modes, and will have some pics up of the build tommorrow and the maiden flight.


Howdy, masters! I just got my first Alien board from Benedikt, swayed by all of the glowing love for this board. I have plenty of experience with CF and BTFL, but this will be my first taste of MultiWii itself.

I would prefer to use an FrSky sbus Rx or a flysky rx due to the transmitters I have, but I don’t see mention anywhere of the ability to use anything other than Spektrum Satellite with the Alien. Are there any free uart ports that i can config for FrSky sbus? Or MUST I use Spektrum with a module in my Taranis?

Thank you very much!


Thanks for the most helpful info Benedikt!


Im just the mediator here my friend :wink:
The hard work is done many others here

in a much more focused way than my “dancing on every party on the planet” approach.

btw, sorry for confusing above screen shots. The background reminded me strongly enough of the Captains Mountain, to type my reply without even looking at the task bar…
I guess it would be time to slow down a little. But wait… not just yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Public Service Announcement: TRIPLE-CHECK polarity!!
The FCs currently shipping have the 5V-out plug now with correct polarity!

We install the plugs flipped. Thats not ideal because the plug isnt symmetric, but it works. The next batch of PCBs will have the traces reversed, so we can install the plug in the right orientation and right polarity.

If ever in doubt, check the polarity indication on the bottom of the board.

A little side story while Im at it:
I have a set of Plantronics W720 wireless DECT communication headphones.
Very top of the line, love them. Have cost a fair penny. Battery last for around 8 hours. Still, one day I run out of battery and want to keep talking.
So I open it up to check what battery is in there, and see a 1S lipo with Micro-JST-plug. Yeah, lets just stick a Nano-QX battery in there, that will do!
Hmm… light do not go on, whats happening? SMOKE, SMOKE, pull the plug!
A lot of smoke came out. Wrong polarity ;( Hundreds of dollars down the drain…
Just to check, I reverse the plug and put it back in.
Guess what: its still working!
I feel I have used up my luck and probably yours too.



Thanks Benedikt. Just to triple-confirm, the silkscreen printing of polarity on the bottom of the board is correct, regardless of the jack and pigtail, right?


Too true @Benedikt and glad to heat that you only sauteed your headphones :slight_smile:

Remember this that Lance had on the original AlienWii website. Still timely advice for all components


Nice souvenir. I found one of this instruction papers yesterday in a box and was happy that i saved it :slight_smile:


For the amount of times I’ve read to check polarity it has become plastered in my mind. I think it has been marked on the tome that resides in my brain…Triple check the polarity you must! :alien:

I’ve been away from message boards for years, but this community is just awesome. I’m happy to spend my time here reading all the great knowledge that is passed along.