AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual

Hey Ben, I’m in to help where I can. #33254

#33444 @Benedikt

order #27026

Sorry Ben, I was late for the space flight tonight.

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had to try! there is a newb in the works @Benedikt

Devo-AlienWii/Flight file DEVO 10 DeviationTX (Model Files Including the AlienWii FC & Modules Installation)

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@Benedikt I would just like to thank you firstly for the chance to own and fly this new generation “AlienWii” and possibly even more importantly your recounting of the tale of your initial contact with Lance. I have scoured the internet for the past year devouring all the AlienWii information that I can find. Your story just adds to this knowledge for me and I once again thank you and wish you all the best with the latest phase of the Alien Invasion your :alien:Flight Classic Narrow


I will pipe in and help out where I can. I am not a MW pro, but I can assist with other ways, and or repairs if things go bad for people for some reason.

@Benedikt great to see this in production again(and with nice beefy fets). Cool stuff, and sorry I missed the stream, just watched it now. (not after an fc, I have enough building and stuff on my plate lol, but I will help out)


I’m in the same place as @JG101. I’m not looking of an FC as I have way too many projects on the bench at the moment, I’m just very pleased to see the AlienWii is still alive. I’m no expert as well, but have built six flying AlienWii FPV micro quads, I’m more than willing to help with problems if I can. The Alien has descended from the mothership once again. :smiley:


I’m curious as I’m sure others who have never had the chance to fly with an alienwii flight controller, how exactly do they fly compared to like the F3 brushed controller or the scisky? Are they fairly easy to tune and set up?

in feb/March I looked everywhere for this alien, not knowing the story then.
ended up w a BG quanum pico (Scisky). Which I’m happy with my two.
I can’t wait for the alien to land in my post box! I’ll be looking twards alien commanders for advice.
CLI is not a strong suit for me, but I follow orders well.
Kamsleo69 reporting for duty!

An AlienWii was my first brushed micro, in January 2016. It was so much fun and flew so well that I now have a 8 or 9 classic and classic narrow AlienWii quad flight controllers, one AlienWii Octo, and even started building both the 8bit and the 32bit AlienFlight controllers when Lance released the files on the AlienFlight project. You will be amazed. Setup is easy and there are a bunch of us that have learned a lot and are ready to share what we’ve learned with you.

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Hey @adam-g1 you will not notice much difference between an F3 and an 8bit atmega build in brushed. This particular Flight card I have built and flown and it performs every bit as good as the AlienWii classic narrow. The F3 cards have faster processors but honestly there is not much if any difference in performance that I can tell. I have flown both and they are equal in performance from what I can tell. The AW and AF beats a Scisky hands down in my book for performance and design. A lot of thought went into making this AlienFlight which includes such things as a side usb for FPV build, higher amperage FETs, 5v clean power supply with a 1.25mm jst connector like the motors for powering FPV gear without needing a voltage regulator, and a lost quad buzzer feature that allows you to activate a buzzer if the quad goes down via the remote to help locate. These FC were built to perform for both FPV brushed and LOS. They do not disappoint in the performance.


Hi @Kamsleo69 actually there is no CLI interface with these 8bit FC’s That is for the 32bit AlienFlight FC’s running CleanFlight. These 8bit FC’s use the MultiWii GUI to set the FC’s sup and I will be working on collating a lot of information on doing this set up over the coming days, and will post links here. Note that for all intents and purposes, the AlienWii Classic Narrow and this new AlienFlight Classic Narrow of Benedikt’s are the same in regard to setup besides the fact that the sketch is different in regard to the gyro orientation and the buzzer code

In the meantime here is some info that I posted a while ago.

Plenty of other guys here have done some great content as well, including obviously @Benedikt :slight_smile: and @madman1412

  • Here are Benedikt’s original videos on AlienWii setup

  • Adam’s (Madman1412) video on MultiWii and Arduino here

  • Flashing a sketch to the AlienWii here
    There is plenty more info on “The Best Micro Quad Flight Controller In The Known Universe” to come folks :slight_smile:


Thanks for this information @pedro147. I look forward to the knowledge. And the successful abduction!

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@madman1412, thanks for the videos, you made it look so easy! Even more exited.
My homework tonight is to get muliwii and arduino on my pc first.


Get into it. And all you other guys that are abound to appear.

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Just a couple early pics, may not get around to a build/fly until tomorrow. Looks very well put-together!


New Alien showed up in the mail today. Just doing some initial checks on it and I’m noticing that the movements and updates in the GUI become unresponsive for like 30 seconds and then recover and then it starts to register movement. Is this indicative of a bad board? Running windows 10 so not sure if it’s computer related. Gonna try a reboot to see if its my PC. Want to make sure all is good before I put this in a frame.

UPDATE, reboot seems to have made it better but still stops updating after a while.

My board arrived today. Quality looks amazing! All components are perfectly straight. Should have her in the air shortly!!