Alien classic narrow acro mode?

So I’ve got the alien classic narrow and maybe I don’t fully understand the modes but am I wrong that if in acro mode if I fly up 20ft or so and give forward input, shouldn’t it maintain that, until I give reverse input to level it out? because mine goes forward then after no input from me it pitches back almost completly vertical, nice sky view. maybe in wrong maybe it’s the board as long as horizon mode works in kinda happy but want to learn acro but if this isn’t right I don’t want to learn on it

If you have no switches set for angle or horizon mode then it will be in acro, yes it should maintain its attitude set by you until you give another stick input.

So next question is, is this behavior typical of the alien wii, or have I just beat the crap outta it where acro won’t fly right? and yes I just did a fresh start over reflash and re sketched. thanks

To follow up on what @Chaotix has mentioned,
And to make sure I understand your discription of your situation, you are saying neither angle or horizon are green in your GUI. Correct?
In this example the quad is in angle mode.
aux1 high is angle, aux1 low is Acro
Then in the example below your GUI should be brown for both horizon and angle to be in Acro mode.

This came from the AW interactive manual found here:

that’s correct basicly the same set up, one switch for horizon/acro the other modes seem ok nothing unusual there just in acro it won’t hold the last command.