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Airmode or no airmode for brushless acro?


Do you guys use or don’t use airmode for brushless acro?

I assume it takes more control to drop the throttle to almost nothing with no airmode to keep control authority, but since they have it, why not use it?


Airmode all the way. Or idle up. You don’t want your motors stopping or you lose control. It’s possible without airmode but you really want the lowest throttle possible and that is much easier with airmode or idle up.


I tried to fly my brushless micro in stab and horizon and it felt messy to fly. With mine I take it easy as first because its a hug step up in power from the tiny whoops I usually fly.


Yeah! When I went from whoop to brushless (even though mine is a tiny 1106 3 in) I still felt the power increase. Luckily, I have a hug space to fly in and I’m really taking it slow with my proximity at only like 25% throttle.

Argh! I was hoping you’d say otherwise because with my whoop I don’t fly airmode and when I crash I’ve trained myself to kill the throttle not the arm. Got to relearn that lol!


Haha yeah I know what you mean, had the same issue when I started flying airmode. Takes some time getting used to it but it really helps with acro, you get more hang time because you can throttle lower and also makes your moves more predictable. Imagine you are doing a technical move involving a roll, but your throttle isn’t at minimum but it’s at 22 percent. You’ll be thrusting in all directions, sideways, upwards, whatever. The next move thrust is at 17 percent, next at 25. At least with airmode you can go down to the same throttle every time :slight_smile:


Air mode! Brushless has enough power that resuming from zero throttle while gaming randomly can put you into death rolls where you hit the ground spinning at thousands of degrees per second. It’s bad for frames.

I have an idle up switch on my whoop too, so the reflex is throttle zero plus hit a switch.
I recommend turn turning air mode off rather than disarming, unless you’re very very sure you’ve set the small angle-am too 180 degrees. Otherwise you can find yourself 60’ up in a tree in a spot you could easily flip the quad out of it it was able to arm, disarmed.
No fun, that. Do not recommend.


Airmode all the way!

Best to set small angle to 180 for the stuck in a tree scenario, but if you forget all is not lost. Use the BF stick commands to recalibrate the accelerometer, arm, and then flip out of the tree. Recalibrate the acc on a level surface before flying again.


Airmode is the best way imo.

I had the same problem when going from TW to bigger quads. Got my FC full och grass and mud many times before i learned to disarm when going down.
Then i noticed it was harder to find my Whoop when crashing outside in my garden, used to use the sound of the motors to find it… :grin:


I’ve been lurking for a while, flying whoops, and have just got my first brushless build working. This topic interests me…

I haven’t flown with airmode yet, and was considering setting it up. I currently have disarm/arm on a two way swich, and rate/acro/acro on a 3 way. Is changing the 3 way to be rate/acro/acro+airmode a reasonable thing to do?

That way I won’t need to learn any more switch locations.


@Bluedog that’s a great tip recalibrating in the tree! Never thought of that.

@timbod7 I have airmode set up on a 3 way switch as well, disarmed/armed/airmode
This has helped me in a lot of situations where you get surprised by something and instantly try to disarm in a reflex. Instead of instantly dropping your reflex turns off airmode first and can keep flying or drop throttle/disarm. It’s like a soft disarm. But you can also still disarm fast if necessary in a dangerous situation.

However, downside is sometimes I turn off airmode by accident because my finger is always on the switch. And most important, it is not really safe at all to have motors starting to spin on just one switch. This is not much of a problem with small micros but you don’t want your 5 inch spinning up motors from bumping a single switch! I do use this myself on my 5 inch, but I know it’s not safe and I’m very careful about it. Not walking with my radio dangling etc. I should really look into building a safety mechanism.


I always use airmode. It’s a standard on all my quads. I used to fly a quad without air mode before air mode was a big thing. The best way I can describe flying without airmode is like driving without powersteering lol


Since the release of BF3.1.7, I’ve had to enable AirMode in order to keep the quad from suddenly freaking out on an aggressive turn or flip. They claim that it has been fixed - but it still happens in 3.2.2 on every build. Does not happen on BF3.1.6 and earlier.
I would strongly suggest learning how to fly with AirMode enabled.
I also reduced the arming time to 1 sec and that seems to help after crashing.


Always airmode. Or pids at zero throttle in the old cc3d/OP days.


Okay. If everyone uses air mode I will too haha!


Some deja vu here saying i’ll join you on this one too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Why 'd i even read that post? Was so nice and easy in angle mode.:roll_eyes:
Now thanks to this i have to do serious training!:clown_face:
mcRich over and out - i’m on a mission!:wink: