After all those years im still in love with 1s

I just dont know ! Always got that BOSS feeling and NFE silverware who taught me so much that i still need to push the 1s limit and because of Travis ; I got this Quote in my mind ; I do like making things and sharing them with everyone for free so they can enjoy !


I never understood (and still don’t) why 1S is so underrated… Everybody just want 2S, 3S, 3", 5" quads etc. and keep pushing 1S away thinking it is not usable…
But if you do some “blind test” and put there some good on board DVR and some good camera that will trick them thinking you use gopro, I bet they will see no difference between 2S/3S//xS 3"/5" and this little 1S wonders you fly :wink:

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