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There’s been some discussion on the use of affiliate links in these forums. There are explicit Terms of Service here:

Personally, I’ve refrained from making this a commercial forum, and I appreciate when others do the same. It’s simple and free from vendors to generate affiliate links, but I don’t think that’s a reason to use them here. This forum could easily be swamped with that sort of content, and then that takes away from the personal accountability of the content.

If you simply must share something bright-shiny-and-new, my personal request is that you please do so with your own experience of it, as opposed to linked as an affiliate.

Thoughts? Discussion?


I need to be schooled a bit.
What exactly is an affiliate link because I link items all the time. Am I affiliate linking ?


Unless you have signed up to be an affiliate on purpose, you probably aren’t involved.

Vendors, like BG and Amazon, have “affiliate programs”, where a person can sign up to be a commercial partner, and market products on behalf of the vendor. When signed up, the vendor (BG or Amazon) will give a unique identifier to the affiliate, and/or a distinct URL for the affiliate.

Then, whenever an affiliate promotes a product, and includes their affiliate link, the vendor will pay a portion of the profit to the affiliate.


Got their number?
They owe me some money

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So yeah back to the topic I do not believe this forum needs advertising plenty of other FB groups that would be happy to oblige I’m sure


I dont think this forum is the right place for affiliate links.
Most people honestly interested in sharing information here understand that.
Those who come here for spamming are eliminated quickly and almost completely by the forum bot.
I havent seen any affiliate spam here, so I didnt see the need to put up a rule about it.
However, if you see something, please say something, flag it, report it to admin!


I didn’t realize we had a bot doing ongoing cleanup. Nice!


Good topic, @burtlo.

I cannot stand affiliate links, and I hate users who post them with a vengeance. It’s just an aberration of our marketing- and sales-driven consumer society. While there are a few exceptions who confirm the rule, I’ve observed a direct inverse correlation between affiliate links and useful contributions to discussion.

Tl;DR: I think affiliate links should be banned. Period.

@Benedikt: Good to hear you have forum bots to pre-screen content. I haven’t seen much affiliate spam here either. However, there are a few semi-regular accounts who do seem to post mostly affiliate links, without contributing much else to discussion. So I do think it would be worthwhile to spell out an explicit ban on affiliate links.

On a related note, is there a way to flag or report excessive affiliate links?

In a perfect world, online forums (notably RCG) would have a filter to remove affiliate links automatically. However, they are often hidden in abbreviated URLs, so hard to catch. I also don’t think any forum software offers such functionality right now.


To flag something for any reason, hit the “ellipsis”, then “flag” icons below a message:

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