AA rechargeable batteries charge voltage?

I’m using Duracell AA rechargeable batteries for my TX. I read that rechargeable AA have a nominal 1.2V?

What voltage should I charge them to and what voltage should I use on my taranis got the low voltage alarm to ensure that I don’t lose power when flying?


Normally, you should never let it go below 4.8v (for a 4 battery unit) On a fully charged set of batteries, my TX will read 5.6volts.

My taranis runs on 6 AA and it auto turns off around 5.6V. If nominal voltage for the rechargeable AA is 1.2V that would mean that I only start with 7.2V Max? Seems kind of low?

I don’t need to charge them up to 1.6V each?

I used rechargeable bats in my Dx6i, specifically the ones from spectrum. They were ok. They didn’t charge very high (5.6/7ish) 1.42 each.
even overnight. This is after 30-40 cycles.
When I use disposable my tx reads 6.0 or 1.5 each.
I would guess the trade off with rechargeable bats is not being able to reach a higher starting voltage.


FWIW, rechargeable AA cells have always had a lower voltage than alkaline disposables. I think this has been true across various chemistries over the years. No idea why, but it’s a fact of life. Most electronics that use AA cells are equipped to handle both alkaline and rechargeable cells. This includes RC electronics, which are typically designed to run on 5V, rather than the 6V you would see with 4x AA alkaline cells.

On the upside, rechargeable AA cells, such as NiMH, are less sensitive to low charge than our fickle LiPo packs. So setting the correct voltage alarm threshold may not be quite as critical.


I just use the 4-AA battery charger that came with my Energizer batteries. Been using it faithfully for over 2 years without issue. After a fresh charge, the voltmeter on my DX6i measures 5.6V. I’ll get several hours of use until the meter reads ~5.1V, then I’ll recharge. On occasion, I’ve accidentally left the unit on overnight and the next morning, the meter is reading 4.8V. A standard recharge brought everything back up to nominal without any issues.
Fully charged - 1.4volts per battery is the norm.

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If anyone wonders what the best AA battery for your tx is, I highly recommend the Panasonic Eneloop or Eneloop Pro. The have the lowest self discharge of all, lasting a year without losing noticeable charge, available in large capacities like 2500mAh. They can be bought loads of places online.


I’ve also read great things about these batteries.

Second the recommendation for Panasonic Eneloop, formerly Sanyo Eneloop! They’re the best round cell rechargeable batteries, bar none.

For slightly lower pricing, you can buy the Amazon Basics rechargeables, as they are in fact rebranded Eneloops, both in white (standard) and black (Pro) versions. I have both Eneloop and Amazon branded cells, and they perform identically.

Another vote for the eneloops.
I use the 1900mah ones and I’m very pleased with their performance.
Get yourself two sets and you can fly non stop.