A way to implement "Momentary_Bail_Out Mode"?


I’m practicing hangttime and overall acrobatics, finally doing forward and backwards flips, but many times, I just can’t recover due to either my lack of skills or gravity. I was thinking of modifying my DX6i by assigning AUX 2 to toggle level mode, but on a momentary pushbutton like the throttle cut. The reason I think this would be good is so if you need to quickly recover from some be inverted or some crazy angle, I could just hold the button long enough to correct itself and then releasing the button releases level mode. I would call it something like Bailout_Mode or something like that.

I know purists would scoff at the idea of a safety net, but I also think even more aggressive maneuvers could be made by one of the real pilots we have here.

Would this work - Does it make sense - Any thoughts


Yeah, I’ve got my triggered response of flicking into horizon mode for that, though it’s a game to NOT pull the trigger.


Raceflight is actually integrating a more sophisticated version of the same… if the FC detects a hard hit (as measured by the ACC) it will self-stabilize until control is regained. It engages/disengages so quickly that you don’t really notice it. It “just works”. A more aggressive version of this for racing is called “Glue mode” or unofficially “Get outta the way, bitch” mode… it doesn’t play well with flips/rolls, but it provides enough stability that you can bash gates/fellow pilots and stand a good chance of remaining airborne and in control. It’s a work in progress.


I need more like a chainsaw-safety release.

But how about if I never hit anything, just happen to lose my bearings? In this case, I believe that the FC would not detect a hard hit - In other words, if I’m falling upside-down, the only detection that will take place will be at the point of impact…


The Taranis X9D at least has a momentary 2pos switch. That is to say, it flips back to OFF when you let go, but it’s still a full sized switch.
That’d be perfect for this use.

It would totally work, though I have had my accelerometer get confused when I’m exactly upside down, so don’t trust it too far without testing.

If you have a spare switch or button it should be as simple as configuring it to set Angle mode on. Flip the switch, FC takes over and levels you.

I say “should”, because I have tested it in depth. Though I have flipped to angle mode (when I still had it configured) to bail out of a bad situation in acro, and it did work.


Momentary switches can make a very nice addition. I installed one on the back of my Devo and can use it in flight without effecting thumb stick control. I had a back up cam installed for a bit and used one to flip between forward and rear views. It’s so comfortable and easy to use, even just for simple stuff like a buzzer/beeper.
For a bail out mode I would suggest to try rate mode with the switch pressed then be able to just release the right hand (switch and stick) to enable self leveling. Just a thought.
Used a 12mm style similar to this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-12mm-Metal-Boat-Horn-Momentary-Push-Button-Stainless-Steel-Starter-Switch-/111689967175?hash=item1a013da647:g:dT4AAOSw3xJVdaai


Oh I like that.
Those, I guess. The dead man’s switch style acro mode is brilliant, and the rear button is brilliant too.
I’m going to be doing this I think, at least the rear button.


Exactly what I had in mind. I normally don’t have time to leave the stick, flip a toggle and hopefully get back to flying. A pushbutton like your’s is exactly in the right place without having to move your hands away.

Good job!