A little Qreacher Whooping


After a rainy Sunday, and a WFH day today, I took the Qreacher Whoop out for some flips and some Angle just to feel how it went outside. Inside in Angle, the only difference between this and my stock was the speed of the 19’s and no oscillation (running 18k on the stock)…This is the closest I’ve come to the perfect balance of freestlye and stock feeling Angle.


So hard to believe that’s a Whoop!
Great job @PJC
You’ve put so much work in that tune and it shows


I call this “training”…actually part of this is to make our young horses “bomb proof” to odd things like balloons, flags, tarps and…well, Tiny Whoops. :slight_smile:


These are some really relaxed horses.


…and I’m sure they get a lot of "training":wink:


The horses have the same look on their faces as my cats when I fly around them… ‘Oh great-- the big asshole has the drone out again’ :smile:


Awesome work, @PJC! Flying with horses is at least as cool as flying with kids, and they make much better gates. :wink:

I love the idea of training your horses to be “bomb proof!” That really should be standard procedure for all horses. As a balloon pilot, I’m always looking out for horses, so as not to spook them or their owners, and livestock. So I appreciate your “bomb proofing” efforts even more! :smiley:


@Brainstorm Balloon Pilot? Do you go to the Balloonfest in NJ by any chance?


@bubbak: Attended the Warren County festival once, as crew. It was quite a few years ago. Since then, my family has grown and we live inside a big no-fly zone. So I only get to fly the balloon very rarely these days. Thus my current interest in micro-quads, to get my flying fix more easily and closer to home (and inside the house). :smiley:


haha those are really drone-proof horses! :joy:


@Brainstorm - The quick check balloonfest in Readington usually brings over 100 balloons for the 3 day weekend… Very impressive event.


We did some additions to our horse fencing and after losing my Acrowhoop camera to a gravely power loop, I ran the stock FC with stock E011 through a new course.

It really is one of the best things about Tiny Whoops…you can turn almost anything into a race course.


That’s a fun course! I’m impressed you made it three laps, too.


I had been practicing linking some Freestyle moves together with my E011 based 716 7mm Acrowhoop…and I noticed at the end that it wasn’t flying as well as it usually did…well, one of the struts was broken, and in another place it was cracked…oh, and another motor was already failing and was very stiff to spin by hand.
But dang, it still did powerloops…but no wonder it felt a little “off”. :stuck_out_tongue:




That’s how a tiny whoop should fly. Really nice!!