A little Qreacher Whooping



He advertises in rcgroups classifieds. I quickly scanned his post and it looks like he has not updated his pitch in a while - talks a lot about the devo 6s (long gone) - anyway he did mention that he does not do the range mod on the 7e. That’s That’s a bummer. BUT, I think that is not necessary if you are replacing the module with a 4 in 1. Anyway - if you want a 7e (cheap) - specifically ask about full range. If you want a nice radio - you can still get a devo 8s on hobbywow or somewhere (primo) or you can go devo 10 (full size and nice but no color touch screen - reasonable price).


Yeah if your do the 4in1 module you don’t have to do the range mod. Which is nice as that’s a fiddly one. But also crucial.


I wouldn’t recommend a 7e as a primary radio to a serious hobbiest. I’ve had both that and an 8s. The 7e does have less stick travel, no ball bearings on the gimbals, and the small size feels toyish to me (I’m 6 foot 6 though). But it’s nice well beyond the price you pay.


@Chaotix - for that furibee frsky I assume after flashing the rx chip, you just have to remap resources in beta flight to enable sbus? An I guessing right?


@NotFastEnuf it’s the atmega controller chip that gets flashed, use usbasp programmer and attach to miso, mosi, data and power the board, gnd usbasp to the fc. Sbus involves cutting a trace between 2 pins and shorting another 2 then selecting uart2 and setting up for sbus.
There’s a thread on rcgroups about the furibee with details, pics and links if you’re interested.


That’s too much work even for me on a whoop! Hahaha - I’ll live with ppm.


And here I am thinking “that doesn’t sound too bad, totally worth it”.

The assumption, of course, is that I won’t crash and kill the whoop FC, or lose it in the trees I’m flying indoors. Now you can watch and laugh when I fly it into the sink on flight 5 and it fries.


Lost my first scisky to my son’s kiddie pool on the third flight. Probably couldn’t hit it again if I tried. Lol


air dry it!? :slight_smile:

I swear, water and metal objects are definitely conductors of a super magnetic dark energy that rips quads towards them… lol


@NotFastEnuf: Thanks for the link. Turns out that he’s in the process of moving from CA to FL and not currently able to do mods. Guess we’ll have to see whether he gets back in business before I stop procrastinating on this 4-in-1 RF module. :wink:

[quote=“NotFastEnuf, post:83, topic:3672, full:true”]
I wouldn’t recommend a 7e as a primary radio to a serious hobbiest. … The 7e does have less stick travel, no ball bearings on the gimbals, and the small size feels toyish to me (I’m 6 foot 6 though). …[/quote]

Agreed on the basic gimbals and stick travel. However, small size is exactly why I love the Devo 7e. Small size arguably makes it the perfect travel radio. More importantly, it seems to be the only programmable TX that fits kids hands. Think about the children! :wink:

When my son flies his brushless quad with the DXe (which works well otherwise), he has to sit down and place the giant TX in his lap. So the main driver behind getting a 7e was so he could hold the TX in his hands and stand, like the bigger kids and grownups are able to do. However, I struggle enough tweaking the quads themselves, so have been loathe to tackle the steep learning curve with hardware mods to the 7e (and learning Deviation).

Wish I could just transplant the DXe innards and gimbals into the Devo 7e case. As I’ve said before, I’d be more than happy to pay DX6/Taranis money for the same in a smaller case. But that’s wishful thinking. Obviously none of the TX manufacturers care about young kids in this hobby. :angry:


Not feeling 100%, so I just did some quick laps in the back yard. Angle Mode is locked on my MakerFire.
-MakerFire F3

  • RaceDayQuads 19.6k’s
  • Inductrix Frame
  • Rakon Tri-Props
  • Tattu 220maH
  • Shanghai canopy by @NotFastEnuf

I think the next step is to go 2.0 and HV to go any faster…but this is a lot of fun. Who says angle mode can’t be tuned well in BetaFlight!! :smiley:


What do you do when your brand new Blade Torrent dies after 10 flights?

You break out your trusty and reliable Tiny and get your Whoop On!

The point of this one is to fly one battery and record the whole thing…what I love about this flight is that no matter what hit I took, it always landed right, or didn’t fall out of the sky, even when that battery was sagging hard and I could barely make it back, it did…a rare occasion, indeed.

Loving the Power Whoop connector (even though I get oscillations) and the HV batteries from Newbee Drone on my Stock FC with @NotFastEnuf Carbon Fiber canopy for that perfect angle.

Qreacher Whoop #1

  • Stock Inductrix FC
  • RDQ 18k motors
  • Newbee Drones Power Whoop connector
  • Eachine 4 blade props
  • Inductrix Frame (E6000 reinforced)
  • NotFastEnuf custom “Carbon Fiber” dipped canopy
  • VM275T AIO camera


I call total bs!!! I don’t see ducts and that thing just flew for 5 minutes … no way that was a whoop!

Freaking awesome bro!


I love your run PJC!
And i agree with NotFastEnuf :smiley: you cheated on us !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No way this is a tiny whoop


Micro Motor Maniacs Material!!


What a fantastic run, @PJC! That’s what micro FPV is all about! :smiley:

Goes to show that you still don’t need no frigging brushless motors to have a good long run and lots of fun. :wink:


Ahahaha…well, as someone once said - “If you can see ducts, then your camera is low and you are too slooow”. :wink:

But now that I think about it, I usually do see a little bit of duct with your canopy. I literally just grabbed this one and went and flew. I’d been flying the Torrent and the MakerFire and neglecting this little guy.

The 2.0 plug and HV 255maH batteries really do make a difference. The last 30 seconds or so of that flight (where I was hitting everything) it was REALLY sagging, but 4-4:30 flights are the norm on this guy. :slight_smile:


I’m out of the loop on this one…what is Micro Motor Maniacs?


It’s a good read, and homegrown!


Post number 100!! I’m just saying… hahaha