A little Qreacher Whooping


I second that - my fc looks like it spent some time under water corroding and then was stored in a burning building - kinda sooty. Fortunately it works fine but I haven’t checked failsafe. Maybe that’s the solution to getting these to work better. Toss it in a river for a week or two, then put it in a box and light it on fire. Hahaha


Yep. No failsafe here either. Radio had to get turned back on or battery unplugged. I’m set to drop in stage two and also for my aux channel to set itself to disarn. No change in led patterns to indicate the rx lost signal either.

SOOOOO, I’m all done with that! Planning it’s replacement now since one day it will just fly away…


Maybe I’ll downgrade it to stock e010 motors and ground it to inside only. What a bummer


Man, it sucks @quadlifepro when you recommend something that was super easy peasy to setup for yourself, and then someone else has this many problems. Sorry about that.

Actually the easiest and probably bestest way to jump into Tiny Whooping is probably the TW1 from Tiny Whoop, or the Inductrix FPV, but I’m POSITIVE you’ll want to jump to 19k motors at some point and want to play with acro…so that’s why I love my Makerfire. But man, a 17-18k based Blade FC Whoop for racing in Level mode…it’s still a TON of fun!

Maybe I got lucky with DSM2 and my Devo 10 @150mw. It just works great. My DXe wasn’t a great experience with this quad…

I haven’t checked failsafe either, but fly around my house, outside and have never had any problems. :frowning:


Like @Chaotix mentioned my throttle shows 885 when I plug FC in with tx off. Midpoints are 1500 for AER.

Binding is also very strange. Worked first try with dsmx 22ms. For science I did set my dx6 to dsmx 11ms and it bound and worked. Then I set my tx to dsm2 22ms and did a rebind. It also worked, but my dx6 says and shows on the display dsmx. In frame rate menu my dx6 shows dsm2. WTF??!?
The failsafe issue didn’t change with all that.

Travel end- and midpoints weren’t such a hassle to dial in as with the beecore but I had to use a lot of subtrim to get channels centered at 15000.

I bought the makerfire because Beebrain dsmx was out of stock at dronejunkie.co.uk. So the makerfire was kind of an impulse buy (correct English?:thinking:).
Have two Beebrain Whoops and they fly without issues so far. Maybe I’ll order another one when Cemal has them in stock again.

Man, why is nobody making a whoop fc with proper dsmx serial rx?
Curious when the recently spotted :alien: one will land here on earth and what specs/details it’ll provide.

Makerfire F3 based Micro Whoop for DSMX

Shh don’t mention the :alien:


There is only one: the stock inductrix. I sure wish Blade would make a BF version with DSMX…that would be AMAZING!


OMG! Are there new Aliens among us? :smiley:

I was under the assumption that they had gone extinct. Good to hear that I was mistaken. :relieved:


I had a dream…


I have those dreams @chrisdo :alien::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What about the e010s board? Any chance it may be decent. I’m tempted to pull the trigger on one.
My maker is fine other than failsafe. I do fly it with a devo though so at 150mw - I have flown to the end of my street from inside the house. I’ve never had a failsafe/fly away event but now I’m worried about it. The e010s looks like the furibee board and @Chaotix didn’t have great things to say…


Here is an idea - some of the old orange receivers didn’t come with failsafe programmed - maybe we need to set it from the transmitter somehow. I’m gonna poke around the configurator tonight and see what I can come up with to understand this behavior. Taking a night off from canopies…


The Furibee is good if you hack it, flash the atmega chip that controls the rx and hack some pins to enable sbus. Not for the timid but not too hard. It’s the one that had no failsafe also but it’s fixed after the hack.


Would that be sbus on the dsm2 receiver that’s built into it? Just want to make sure before I dive in. I’m cool with the hack - whatever it is - I used to solder straight to the atmel chips back in the beginning of blheli days…

Do you think the e010s board is the same?


No, the Furibee I have is frsky so it’ll be a different rx chip. The hack firmware is frsky open source. The boards may be slightly different.


That makes sense


You know me too well :wink: lmao

No worries man, you did warn me that it may not be as easy to get up in the air. Also, you were cool enough to recommend a product you thought was going to work for me. I am thankful for the entire experience, I learned a lot. Soon I’ll be getting a DVR… after that i will give the whoop life a shot again :slight_smile: hopefully a programmable built in dsmx FC will come out by then


There is a guy on rcgroups that will mod your devo radio for like 40 bucks. Pretty good deal if you’re not a diy guy. I wouldn’t touch a spektrum product after owning a modded devo (Disclaimer: just my opinion)


@NotFastEnuf: That sounds awfully tempting. Cheaper than buying a Winblows PC to flash Deviation. :wink: Do you remember his username or have a thread link?


That’s a good price for the amount of work involved, especially if it includes that two extra three way switches.