A little Qreacher Whooping


Got a nice weekend after a lot of rain and wind, so I brought all the quads out, even the Tiny Whoop.

Hope you enjoy:

My setup:

  • Makerfire F3 Evo FC DSM2
  • E010 Frame
  • CrazePony AIO cam
  • CrazePony canopy
  • CrazePony 17k motors
  • Rakon Heli 3 blade props
  • Many, Many Batteries
  • Walkera Devo 10 Deviated with 30% throttle mix


What battery was that with? Looks like a very nice flight time with wild motors!


But… where did the tire go? :wink:


Kumbaya! :stuck_out_tongue:

What do the horses think about your Whoop? Any issues? Or is it small and quiet enough that they don’t mind? I avoid flying my hot air balloon near horses, because they can get spooked. But the balloon is a bit larger and the burner makes a loud noise. :wink:


I think that was the Tattu 220mAH or a Lectron Pro 220mAH. I like the Tattu’s a lot, but only have 5 of them, and usually reserve them for after I’ve warmed up with 5-7 Lectrons. :wink:


Hahah…yeah, I didn’t go down there with the Whoop, but I did with the brushless 110, but didn’t record.

Actually, our horses are pretty used to all the quads I fly around. One of them likes to run after my 350 when I’m doing videography. They HATE hot air balloons tho.


Awesome to hear your horses have no beef with your quads! :smiley:

I am told they perceive balloons as larger-than-life predators in the sky. Thus their aversion (and polite balloonists staying away). Ostriches apparently react much worse, but their brains are significantly smaller. :wink:


To be fair, that is terrifying.


Yes, indeed. :slight_smile:

It’s like dealing with young children, or phobia in general. It doesn’t matter whether aliens or zombies actually exist or not. They are real to them. So the kids’ fears are real, too, and have to be treated as such.

Same with the horses. It’s not like you can explain to them that the large predators in the sky are actually flying baskets full of tourists who just want to take their picture. Come to think of it, that is terrifying too. :wink:


One of our horses was walking across some blacktop and they recently patched a stip of it…she freaked out and wouldn’t walk over it.

As Sherlock says: “horses: dangerous on both ends and crafty in the middle”


ROTFL! :joy:


Great video!

I am trying to get a similar setup going only with a DXe instead of a Devo. So far, the DXe has been a bit of a pain to get working.

I also haven’t tried the tri blade props yet.


Hey @pjc, please could you xplian what you mean by 30% throttle mix ?



@ScottAllyn explained it best here:

The Inductrix flight controller has a decent amount of throttle mixed in with Pitch and Roll. This is what keeps the Inductrix from dropping too much from extreme pitch/roll angles… and why, if you quickly juke back 'n forth on the elevator/aileron stick, you’ll actually gain altitude. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to do this in Betaflight, so I ended up doing in in the transmitter Mixer settings.

I’ve found that mixing ~25-30% throttle into ELE and AIL feels about right on both the Taranis, DX7 and the Devo 7E. The Inductrix is so light-weight that it doesn’t really seem to need any throttle mixed into Yaw, tho this is something that you may want to experiment with.


I hate to say it but I desperately need a whoop @pjc - and so far I am having trouble finding a FC that is within reach and dsmx or dsm2 compatible…

I see your whoop is using the Makerfire F3 Evo FC DSM2 - how do you like this FC? Was it fairly easy to set up? betaflight or cleanflight?

Is this the same fc?

I want to slap some darks on it, do you think this FC can handle the dark 6mm motors from mmw?


honestly, I dont even want to build this whoop, too many projects on my plate ATM I just wanna fly lol I kind of would rather just fly it out of the box, and then slap 6mm dark editions in it once the stock motors die… Do you think this would suffice?


Yup. That’s a good start! TOTALLY easy to setup (check my thread for a pretty damn solid tune).

Out of the box it will fly pretty good, but it will really come alive when you put 18k or higher motors and move over to the stock Inductrix frame with dual props…but you can fly this and have a blast.

Here’s what I would do:

Stage 1: Get some Rakon tri-props and this kit with some CrazePony 230mah batteries
Stage 2: Upgrade to 18-19k’s after the stock ones go out (they are 17.5’s) and put it in the stock Inductrix frame with a stiffener and “welded” struts.


Loving it! :smiley: Thanks for the help bro! Can’t wait to order off the Prime 2moro when my check clears! >.< Too many builds are destroying my wallet so I figured I need a whoop to slow down on the bigger stuff. lol Hopefully this will allow me to get my FPV fix instead of always flying and breaking my bigger and more expensive stuff… lol

i would like to follow your Stage plan. It sounds like it’d be fun! :slight_smile: So I think that’s what i will do…


How is that makerfire FC compared to the eachine jitter monster (random yaw! Fun!) and the furibee falls-out-of-the-sky-if-you-fly-close-by f3 thing?

I’m in the market for a F3 whoop FC that doesn’t have some annoying issue or another.


Yeah, I read all that stuff about the BeeBrain and the BeeCore, but I haven’t had a bit of trouble with the Makerfire. Bound DSM2 easily to my Devo 10 (tried it DSMX with the DXe and it wasn’t as good), and haven’t lost signal, had anything fall off, etc. It’s heavier than the others (about the same as the BeeBrain), but it’s been rock solid.

And I don’t just fly it inside…it’s hit MULTIPLE times on my concrete driveway while practicing power loops, and all it did was destroy my stock Inductrix frame (pre brace and reinforcement). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard of people having some bind issues with some of the Spektrum’s, but that’s about it.