A little help on BetaFPV F3 setup

I have looked and can’t find what people are setting the PID loop to. Currently the Gyro is 8Khz and Loop is 4Khz (I changed it from 2 Khz). Also I have been trying to stop the YAW from moving. I have calibrated it numerous times and made sure my radio’s trim is at center point… My radio is FrSky X-lite.

I have 3 f3 chipset kwads all mine are set to 4/4.
Crazybee f3, mobula7
FSD f3, Leader 120
Tiny f3, 716 whoop
Check BF see if the constant yaw shows under the reciever tab.
Not sure if frsky offers a subtrim option, but dig around in the settings see if it’s there. That would allow your trim buttons to remain centered while resolving the yaw issue.

I started looking at it closely and noticed a twitch on the YAW receiver tab. It seems to go away when I move the other sticks. It’s cold outside so I have a narrow pathway to fly inside. I did some more calibrating to get the green arrow to match the quads actual direction. I’ll do some more flying tests in this narrow corridor tomorrow. I haven’t flown this for about a year and it used to fly okay outside. All my original Tiny Whoop HV batteries went bad so now I have 2 new HV 260 batts from NewBeeDrone so I should get better flying times. 30 secs a batt is not fun.

If yaw is twitching a few points around 15000 in betaflight receiver tab, set up yaw deadband in bf.

I started messing around with settings to see what they do and how it relates to the radio trim buttons. At first glance it seemed to fly okay with canopy off and it seemed to hover fine but the next try with canopy on it seemed to do a dance. The only settings I changed were 5 RC Deadband and 5 YAW deadband. I moved some settings around but put them all back to where they were. I only have a small corridor to try things out since it is really cold outside.

I wouldn’t use trim on the TX since you loose some stick resolution. Center them all on your transmitter.
You can use stick commands to calibrate and trim your accelerometer if necessary. FC has to be disarmed.

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Thank you. I started reading online and I’m making improvements. It’s paying off.

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