A couple of things came to play today and I thought I'd share

Here’s my NFE/Boss/E011 fleet ( 8520 Spintechs, 0615 BetaFPV19k, and 0615 crazepony p19k) - well, except for 'Tiny" - he’s a lowly BF 3.2.4 Scisky v1 on a Boss frame running 0615 crazepony p19k - haha

I originally wanted to keep the antennas inside the canopies, but I noticed a considerable loss of distance compared to my DSMX build, which covers a whole soccer field. I decided to try it on the white one - drilled a little hole and pushed the antenna straight up. The results were definitely noticeable and pretty much keeps up with the Scisky -
I did it to all of them - kinda looks more like a car radio antenna - hahaha

Next thing - I cannot stress enough the importance of balanced props…yeah I know, duh.
The vibrations caused by unbalanced props can wreak havoc on the gyro, causing sudden and unexpected changes in altitude when everything hits a certain resonance frequency. Also, motors will overheat and wear out faster.

I restored the props by soaking them in boiling water(youtube) for 10 minutes followed by balancing using the pencil lead method (youtube), I was able to restore most of my NanoQX Props (used on ‘Tiny’). I’ve only balanced the other ones - not boiled - yet.

Anyway, what a difference little things make on these sub 100mm builds. Most noticeable is how much quieter and smoother and farther they fly.
I love these little guys!


So jelly dude! The builds are looking AWESOME!

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