95mm Bobo with Micro 20x20mm Betaflight F4 Brushless Flight Control


Banggood keep release the new tiny FC so fast, poor me my F4 previous version without OSD will arrive today. And today banggood release the F4 included OSD :cry:

F4 OSD version without PDB ( require external PDB or use with 4-in-1 ESC)

Micro 20x20mm Betaflight STM32F4 F4 Brushless Flight Control Board Integrated with 1A BEC, OSD

F4 version Without OSD but integrated PDB





My tiny F4 v1 without OSD just arrived, it’s only 2.6g, not 4g as the description on banggood. Going to put it on Bobo frame


Another fishpepper rip-off


It’s an F4 design. Nothing to do with fishpeppers F3 design. He is using 16x16mm mounting hohles. This size initially came with the PikoBLX.


I would not buy the FC and ESC before Racerstar is giving credits to Fishpepper the creator of this two boards. They make money with his work without mentioning the original source. This is not legal according to the orginal licensing.


It’s really a shame, all they had to do was put a one sentence crediting fishpepper in the item desciption, but it was too difficult for them :frowning:


And likely also keep the markings on the boards which would make sense to promote the orginal source. A donation to Fishpepper would also be nice but this is still completly optional and not asked for. But here we should stay on topic for this thread which is for another FC.


Finish the build on 95mm Bobo frame on micro F4 FC v1


Finish turning this morning, it fly great, get 6 mins on Tattu 450mah (split from 450 4s) http://www.genstattu.com/ta-75c-450-4s1p-l-xt30.html
This battery is great, plenty of power, after split it about 25g on 2s

The Racerstar 4 blade prop very well balanced, it’s quieter than the Kingkong 65 mm 2 blade cut down to 56 mm. But it quite easy being bend or break.

Really love this build, unfortunately I don’t have dvr to record the footage

One of problem I hit with this micro F4 banggood is the buzzer active all the time after plug in battery or USB. Solving that by re-flash the FC with Betaflight Airbot f4 firmware.


Lovely build with the Bobo - I’ve had issues with mine using a F3 Flight Control Board with MPU6000 so have this F4 .

Don’t suppose that you have telemetry set up with this F4 FC, as I’m struggling to see how I can access UART3?


yes, no telemetry. I run spektrum satellite.


Many thanks, the search will continue…


I have a question, I also have this board, and run spektrum satellite, I can’t seem to get it working. I m wondering if i have it wired wrong. what pins did you hook your Satellite to? I am getting power, I am bound, but my receiver is not registering in betaflight.


I have that problem when using the original spektrum satellite, I need to connect the satellite to the full size spektrum receiver then bind with the TX, I have another Redcon 2.4G DSM2 DSMX Satellite and can bind without any problem.

Edit: found a wiring picture: check you wiring from RX -> board. I connect to the pins: 3.3, RX1, GND


Hmm, Unfortunately it appears that I have everything wired properly, which means there is something else going on… the board may just not be good to begin with, it serial port crashed 90% of the time when I save settings, luckily I got it from BG on sale for like 8 bucks so no big loss, but still. I have noticed that they now don’t sell this board anymore…


Not sure if it crashed on saving but there most of page require auto reboot after save, and it will disconnect the board. You need to hit the button connect if auto connect is unchecked


I don’t remember the exact wording (currently at work or I would check), but it says something like “serial port failure port will close” almost every time I save, I have never had that happen on other boards. I will see if the auto-connect will help, at least make it easier to use.


Then your board might has a broken usb port, I need to re-solder it after several weeks in use, and that not an easy job.