$9 Micro CF Frames from China for 7mm and 8.5mm Motors

Fed up with my 3D printed frames lately because after 2-3 crashes the motor mounts breaks :’( (I THINK I need to look for a new “3D printer guy”)

So I looked for micro brushed frames in banggood china warehouse (near my location). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that MMW frames are not good enough for me but I am saving it for a big bulk order :smiley:

The frames came it today and I was surprised that it comes with rubber grommets, nylon spacers, screws and velcro mounts! kewl!

Not only that, it can be used with both 7mm and 8.5mm motors! You just need to use the rubber grommets if you use 7mm motors though. I must say it’s a cheapo frame FOR $9.99!!

http://goo.gl/zVTZ0i (newly added, 90mm frame)

I’ll try to make a video soon, hopefully I have time to do it. Maybe after I break them LOL!


Is that 30 grams AUW or without battery? Bet it flies real well. Carbon should be significantly stronger than the 3d printed frames.

Good news! :smile: Did order them too some time ago. Hope they arrive soon. Grommets included thats really cool.

I just finished my first miniquad build with the 90mm version of the frame, with 8.5 motors. I’m hoping there’s enough room for the TinyWhoop FPV camera–I kind of wish I’d gotten the 120 now. It’s been fun for LOS flying inside, though!

It’s quite a deal for the price.

@pilsnerpopper this is without battery :slight_smile: it flies great really it’s so light without worrying to break the frame after each crash

@BobMarley yeah, before I ordered I asked if grommets were included, the supplier said none so I’m not sure what changed their mind haha.

@tomchaps hmm do you have a photo? Let me see please? :slight_smile: I thought I should order 90mm toob for future projects lol.

Here’s the final build :joy:


Looks good. What’s the weight?
To protect your motor caps from popping off because of an upside down landing it’s a good idea to drill your props and use some spacers.

Hi @chrisdo yeah I forgot to do that. was excited to fly a while ago haha. thanks for the tip.

weight is 58g with battery I think I need to remove the top plastic plate that I put to protect the scisky to save some weight. I was aiming for atleast 55g. Whats the suggested weight with FVP?

As lightweight as possible.
Under 60g is good. If you can go lighter it’s better.
I always aimed to hit max. 65g with battery. More is bad. Less is better.
My 60g+ micros which I loved before feel somehow ponderous and clumsy now. Think because my piloting skills progressed.
Love my dreamcatcher fpv quad. It’s around 54g with battery I think and way more agile than my heavier machines.

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@chrisdo Can you share a photo of your dreamcatcher FPV quad? I have a dreamcatcher frame too and want to try FPV with it.

Here it is.

Mounted the Elite Combo with 3M Dual Lock. Finally those onboard plugs are good for sth, haha. No tilt yet. And used a toothpick as antenna saver.

Here’s a flight video which I already posted in another thread with my prior way of cam mounting and antenna saver (foam and hair clip).

You can make life easier if you have access to a 3D printer. Unfortunately I haven’t, but if I remember correctly you have one, right. There are several center sections and cam mount options.

Or have a look at


Just stuck the camera on last night… 44g with the small 380Mah battery.

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@tomchaps wow that weight is a winner!

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I added a bit of weight and used the standoffs/mounting plate that came with the kit, to bring the camera up a bit and make it more secure than the foam-tape-on-my-Scisky that I had done. (Also, the battery mounts better below the legs now.) Got it outside for the first time, and it’s pretty darned fast. I love how small and light it is–I was able to feel safe in the park despite my newbie flying skills.

I love how you used the grommets. I put them on the bottom as well and used loom bands to make the motor tighter to the frame. removed FPV for now to practice acro. sooo hard!!!

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I’m finding that these CF X frames are the way to go because they are so darned minimalist and lightweight, plus the flight characteristics are so good and of course, light weight means it can fly really fast too. Even a 7mm version is so much fun.


Nice flying @jayodas. good spy drone you have there lol. I think I lost my way back on that parking area. Are you flying acro? is that the h8 mini board?

@ahlod I’m definitely having a lot of fun with it. It has a Floureon H101 board on it and flying in level mode. The H101 board can be flashed with firmware made by silverxxx on Rcgroups and fly in acro mode but I have not done it yet.