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802s 355 NFE feeling


#tinywhoop #betaflight #802s #brushless "Today another test tune on my new 65mm 1s brushless 19000kv with betaflight 3.5.5 . I was looking to get my NFE feeling while waiting for a dedicated FC for brushless from the Team Alienwhoop and i did it !

The Feeling is amazing , no propwash , no washout and responsive and fly like my santawhoop but with a lot of more power and good news its 1s battery !!!

Oh ! im looking for some ACRO pilot with 1s build 19000kv 65mm frame to test on different WEATHER condition , at this moment here its god damn cold , this morning it was -31c again , i did that test despite the weather but everything was perfect so if you live under the SUN and its kinda hot or normal sunny temperature leave me a COMMENT and i will give the information to test my setup .

Whoop On !


Dropping my Tune here and looking for some FEEDBACK !