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8.5mm whoop


Has anybody made a brushed 8.5 whoop? I’m thinking of designing a frame to print, and want to know if anyone has made one.


Have a look at the Whoopee by Oscar Liang.

This is mine

Not that durable as I hoped.


I have some 8.5x16mm motors that are eventually destined towards such a thing, but I haven’t built it yet.


Sweet. I’m also thinking of a build, but I want to know if it’s possible.


If I were to make a suggestion/proposal regarding durability:
I have noticed since switching to the more flexible frames (e010s, f36, e011) that my ducts always end up egg shaped causing the propellers to rub. This always occurs along the leading section of the duct between the strut that is angled out 90 degrees perpendicular and the one that is facing forward but angled towards the center. Makes sense as this is the area that takes head on collisions. Same thing happens in the rear. I wonder if you moved the forward facing strut from angled in a bit to facing exactly forward if it would help in bracing forward impacts?

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Has anyone used this frame as a DIY base for an 8520 build? I know OOB the props are complete crap…it seems when you go 8520, keeping it under 90mm is the problem…you need bigger props to drive it.


I’ve been looking at that as a present for my little sister (she is 8) but like you said, the props are crap. Do the props really need to be bigger? The 8.5s have more torque, but if I go with a smaller prop, I’ll have higher top speed on the prop. Am I wrong? I might be trading power for speed, for cornering and acro.


Haven’t heard good things 'bout that qx70.
The frame seems to be week and breaks easily.


Here is my 8.5mm whoop.

BG frame: DIY Micro FPV RC Quadcopter Frame Kit Support 8520 720 Coreless Motor
Racerstar 8520.
Kingkong FC F3+VTX.
Kingkong props.

Going 2s when i get the noname FC i’ve ordered of AliExpress.


Very stable and good thrust compared to 6mm motors.

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Yep - nice indoor flyer85mmwhoop

I think I used this one as a base: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2170456
It includes the openscad file so altering dimensions is a matter of editing the variables.
Also removing the holes is really easy as I didn’t care for the cheese look.