7mm Whoop batteries


@Quad_Jake Not in mine. Maybe your 3.8v’s were low quality. If the battery is able to perform at HV charges, then therefore it holds more charge and thus gives longer flights.
I am right, no ifs or buts. Your experience is obviously with sub standard HV batteries.


If we are taking about the same HV battery charged 4.35v vs. 4.2v I totally agree with you. What I don’t know for sure is: will a 200mah HV fly as long as a 200mah standard when charged accordingly?


If you take 2 lipos at 205mAh, one HV one standard and charge both to 4.2V you will get longer out of the HV. Reason being that HV Lipo chemistry is different with a higher energy density therefore the HV will be lighter than the standard of the same capacity. An HV 205mAh charged to 4.35 can give up to a minute more flight time than standard charged to 4.2.


Ok this is awesome stuff… been reading along… and now I am directly affected by having too heavy of batteries for the new 7mm build I have going on. What battery and charger should I get for flying mostly indoors. My current charger is just a stock usb to battery one you would get in a RTF kit. Want a multi charger.

Also, I second on the HV chemistry. If you do some searching online you will find that it will weigh a couple grams lighter for the same mAh :slight_smile:


I finally got around to comparing some eachine 150mah batteries. I got five 45c and three 30c. I broke them in by just hovering for about a minute, no punch outs for 3 cycles. The results were really constant, all the 30c batteries required higher throttle to hover, weak puch, and about a minute and a half before becoming un-flyable. The 45c ones all flew for about a minute and 45seconds, and had much better punch.

The majority of 45c batteries are 4.85g heaviest one is 4.99g

Of the three 30c I got, lightest: 4.91g mid: 5.24g heaviest 5.29g
All testing done with beta65s(716 17500kv)


I tried those too but the 260 eachine seemed to do alot better. The 150 is my go to for 6mm. Really can’t beat the value of the 6 pack of eachine 260’s… and they are solid performers


You must be taking about the 45c 260mah because my acro e011 with a 3g> aio camera sux with the included 30c 260mah, like 65% throttle hover super slow assent. With the 45c 150mah it’s fast and acro is great. I just got some good DVR earlier tonight and a ran a new 150 down to 3.4v (couldn’t maintain hover) and got almost 3min of ripping till the end.