7mm BETAFPV 65S Whoop BNF and 17.5k 716's!


Whoa! Seems like these guys watched what we were all doing and made a pretty nice BNF 7mm 716!

Talked to one of the owners and this is using the E011 frame, but he is working on a new frame with a battery tray like the Inductrix.

AND it comes with 17.5k motors! THESE SHOULD SCREAM! AUW is 24.5g and he says the DSMX version is Serial not PPM! All for $77 with 230mah battery!


Hey now this looks cool!
Thanks for the heads up on it.


Frame looks great, I hope its as good as that 75mm frame!
According to my measurements, these motors perform better with 4-blades though than with 2 or 3.
And they didnt angle the cam up, which is hard to change even when you take the canopy off, because the camera is soldered straight onto the vTx over pin headers.
Nonetheless, this seems like a great deal


Mine came with a 20 degree tilt!..Frame has held up so far.

Here’s a little overview and first flights on mine. Still using tri-blades to keep in the spirit of a “BNF”, but will be swapping out to quads like my others. The 17.5’s seem nice…when they don’t show up DOA. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the first part…