7020 Whoop setup


I built a 7016 Whoop as my first and it flys great. Thinking a 7020 might do better in the Kansas wind I picked up a 7020 kit and another BetaFPV receiver. I set it up exactly the same as my 7016 using Benedikt’s 3.2 Final settings and I’m using a 550ma HV battery. The 7020 has a very heavy feel to it and drops out in the turns, sometimes quite violently. Thinking it might be the motors, I tried a different set of 7mm x 20 motors I had and it made no difference. I had also purchased a second Beta65 7016 kit and so I put the 7020 brain into it and it flys perfectly. Are there changes I need to make in the setup to make my 7020 fly correctly? I’ve flown LOS RC for years but new to FPV and new to BetaFlight and the Taranis.



I agree that the 0720 Whoop setup is a bit of a pig with 0720-14 motors. They need larger props.

I’m about to release a faster 0720 motor, that makes this setup fly a lot better. Flight times are en par with 6mm though.
If you want an early bird of those, send me a message to support@mmw.rocks please!

Same size frame, but larger motor mounts, is the 8020. That flies for at least 4 minutes with decent punch. 7016 still feels a bit zipper though.


Thanks for the upgrade offer, I sent an email. I really love how the 0716 flies and I’m glad I started with it. Your informative store, your YouTube channel and this forum gave me a great start in this fun hobby.