7020 Whoop setup


I built a 7016 Whoop as my first and it flys great. Thinking a 7020 might do better in the Kansas wind I picked up a 7020 kit and another BetaFPV receiver. I set it up exactly the same as my 7016 using Benedikt’s 3.2 Final settings and I’m using a 550ma HV battery. The 7020 has a very heavy feel to it and drops out in the turns, sometimes quite violently. Thinking it might be the motors, I tried a different set of 7mm x 20 motors I had and it made no difference. I had also purchased a second Beta65 7016 kit and so I put the 7020 brain into it and it flys perfectly. Are there changes I need to make in the setup to make my 7020 fly correctly? I’ve flown LOS RC for years but new to FPV and new to BetaFlight and the Taranis.



I agree that the 0720 Whoop setup is a bit of a pig with 0720-14 motors. They need larger props.

I’m about to release a faster 0720 motor, that makes this setup fly a lot better. Flight times are en par with 6mm though.
If you want an early bird of those, send me a message to support@mmw.rocks please!

Same size frame, but larger motor mounts, is the 8020. That flies for at least 4 minutes with decent punch. 7016 still feels a bit zipper though.


Thanks for the upgrade offer, I sent an email. I really love how the 0716 flies and I’m glad I started with it. Your informative store, your YouTube channel and this forum gave me a great start in this fun hobby.



The upgrade motors came this week, I got them installed this evening and tried a flight. Wow, huge improvement. It was too dark outside tonight when I finished to fly by camera so it was just LOS for now. I’ll try some flights tomorrow in the daylight and see what kind of flight times the 550ma HV battery gives with these motors. Thanks for the early bird upgrade.


Depending on how fast I fly, I get 3 to 4 minutes with this setup. I’m still a noob and am not flying acro or angle yet but I do often get up a pretty good head of steam as I’m zipping around my backyard. The 7x20 18kv motors are a huge improvement but I’m still having some drops in the corners when I try to really cut the corner tight. I think part of it is my flying skill and my 7x16 is just a more forgiving whoop.

Regarding transistioning to angle or acro, do you have any suggestions to help me make that leap? Should I set up the mockingbird settings for that jump?

Thanks to everyone for the help.


just go for it, in a bigger open grassy field. Like a soccer field. You will appreciate the larger space to correct your self as you learn acro, and the grass for softer landings when you do crash. I have been in horizon mode all winter since I learned after xmas in mn. tested my skills a little in acro here and there. Finally a few weeks ago really flew full time acro and its so much more fun. It really makes you execute your corners with more effort and skill. no more depending on the auto level to keep the nose at the right attitude. but it makes for a much more fun flying experience. Inverted yaw spins (yeah @NotFastEnuf… I havent gotten dvr, but my 820 ive done a few), tree dives… flying really becomes more rewarding when you bring the quad back home to your feet after a flight. I tend to flip back into horizon when I land just for the easy of stability and not getting some ankle bitter incidences.